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I live in the Taylors area & work in Downtown Greenville. I am starting the dreaded daycare search. Anyone have any reccomendations???

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  • I live in Mauldin and right at 385 and Butler RD is a GREAT daycare.  Pocketful of Miracles.  When I worked thats where I had my kids and if I ever went back to work thats where I would be putting my kids.  They are just wonderful, so hands on, clean, friendly.  I did have my kids when we first moved here on Woodruff Rd at Childrens Care Center.  They are ok  but they have hire turn over.  They hire a lot of young girls.  The owner isnt that friendly either.  But its not bad.  But having my choice go to Pocketful of Miracles.  Their staff has been there forever to by the way. 
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  • How old is your babe? 
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  • Baby is not here yet. He/she is due in August so looking to go to daycare towards end of November.
  • I live in Taylors as well and know someone who has their child in Eastside Christian Academy and she has never said anything bad about it. I have also heard that Sunshine House is horrible! There have been too many bad stories about the teachers/caregivers there and also how they don't "play by the rules", as in cleaning and the infant to teacher ratio. I'm not sure if you are interested or not but I am a stay at home mom and am looking to take on 1-2 children to watch as daycare for a little extra income. I have a 6 month old right now and by November she will be 15 months old. I would absolutely love to watch a little one and it'll save you a little extra money also!! And I am CPR certified for adults, children and infants :o)
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  • there r some good daycares in the upstate but make sure u investigate them well b4 u choose one. Some have crazy rules and regulations. But from my experience the best are the ones owned by christian organizations. I have had my 4yr old in several different daycares but the best of the ones I have had her in is a christian one. But it is too far for you to drive because it is in HICKORY Tavern. 
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