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Diaper Caddy Thing - Help me find please

This seems not a big deal - but I'm looking for a diaper accessories storage thing (caddy?) for the top of the dresser for the changing area.  There are plenty out there (like the JJ Cole, etc.)  - but what I'm looking for specifically is a yellow-themed one if possible.  I'm using the bumble pattern for some of the nursery things (like the changing table cover, diaper stacker, etc.):


 Greatly appreciate your help!!!

Re: Diaper Caddy Thing - Help me find please

  • I have one that's clear, I think Prince Lionheart is the brand.
  • image marcierin:

    Thanks for your input!  I really like that second one - the yellow Sara Bear.  The hard part will be actually finding it - it's exactly what I'm looking for.  I may end up with the white one (last link) in the end though.

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