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Frick. DD's head is really lopsided!

DD will be six weeks Friday.  Today I noticed her head is rather uneven.  The right side sort-of looks pushed up and the left side falls a bit.  It's quite obvious to me.

At what point is this an issue?  I'm going to make a conscious effort to lay her with her head facing the other way and holding her in my right arm instead of left, but is there anything else I should be doing at this point? 

Re: Frick. DD's head is really lopsided!

  • When is your next pedi appointment? A couple of weeks? If it's soon I would mention it then, if it's not for awhile I would probably make an appointment to discuss it or at least call the office.

    I mentioned it at DD's 2 month appt and was told to just keep her on her other side for now and to watch it. I wouldn't worry too much yet, but definitely mention it and your pedi will tell you how to manage it.

  • Do the things mentioned above.

    If one side of DD's neck is shorter than the other, she'll turn towards the shorter side since the longer side is stronger and supports her turning the other way. This situation corrects itself usually and when you do tummy time, it helps to build muscles causing the short side to level off with the longer side. Soo if you can do some home PT with her head/ neck, that would be great, you know, just move it around when she's up, tummy time, etc. Most doctors will tell you at this stage it should correct itself by 4 months. We didn't listen and were very proactive about it, and now she doesn't have the slanted I don't know if it corrected itself or we assisted in that process.

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  • Yep. DD's head is flat on one side. I mentioned it at her two month appointment.

    We saw a head doctor/helmet doctors and for now we're doing neck stretches and keeping her on the other side. Also, tummy time is very important for this sort of thing. 

    We're hoping it evens out before 4 months, if not they say she will need a helmet. :/


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  • My son really favors his right side.  So much in fact that we have him in once a week PT.  He's also had his head scanned by an orthotist and if it doesn't improve much in the next month or two he'll need a helmet. 

     We were told that babies that don't have some intervention may eventually have problems with their vision, balance and overall development.  So keep doing the tummy time, lay her in the crib so she has to look the other way to see you, feed her in your other arm (we were told that one is a big one since resting on your bicep is very bad for the head if it's already flat).  Our therapist also recommended this cradler for the car seat.

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