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1st Trimester

Miscarriage concerns

I finally achieved pregnancy even with PCOS and I am ecstatic!

 I am five and a half weeks and have had mild cramping and sore boobs thus far...but today, no cramping and my boobs are not near as sore. I am terrified of miscarriage, but trying to convince myself that this is normal. Has anyone else experienced this this early in their pregnancy?

Re: Miscarriage concerns

  • Simple answer: yes.

    Your body is adjusting to all the hormones and its different for everyone.  Some women have a tough first tri, then a smooth second tri, others might have an easier time, or worse.

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  • Well, I am only 6 weeks and this is what is going on with me.  Cramps come and go, boob tenderness varies.  I understand your worries!! 
    Severe MFI resulting in IVF/ICSI #1 in Nov 2007. BFP!!
    Our beautiful son was born July 2008.
    2010: 2 IVF's,1 FET = 2 BFN's, 1 c/p :(
    Feb 2011-Unmedicated FET= BFP!! DS #2 born Oct 2011!!.

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  • symptoms will come and go day to day......relax and enjoy the good days.
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