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Thoughts & prayers

My best friend is 12 weeks pregnant and has been passing clots and bleeding since yesterday morning. She is at the hospital right now and going into ultra sound to check for a heart beat. From what i've gathered she is by herself, which upsets me more than anything. I am so angry at her boyfriend. I wish i could be there with her but she lives in Oklahoma and I'm in washington state. Please pray or send some positive thoughts her way.
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Re: Thoughts & prayers

  • That's so sad that she's by herself and passing clots! :( T&Ps her way.
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  • I know, it is driving me crazy. I've had to stop myself from crying a few times..trying to think positive and strong for her. Thanks.
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  • Sending T&Ps her way... 
  • Sending out T & one should have to go through that alone :(
  • I hope she is okay, that is tough to have to go through that alone. Thoughts and prayers for your friend.
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