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postpartum bleeding

Hope this isn't TMI but just wondering how long did you bleed after delivery?  My LO is 5 weeks and I'm still bleeding-not as much as the beginning but it's like I have my period but not sure since it never went away.  :(  It's like a 5 week period!  Anyone else have this issue?

Re: postpartum bleeding

  • 3 weeks?  I spotted here and there for a few days after.
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  • I'm still bleeding...I'll be 5 weeks PP on Wednesday.
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  • With my first I bled for almost 8 weeks. (Then I got a Mirena and bled for 6 months.)

    This time, I bled for 7 weeks.


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  • Hey amyWI,

    Check your "my bump" page and look at your comments. I couldn't get you a private message but I put the photo explanation there.

    Hope it helps ya out! :) 

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