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Question re: progesterone supplements HELP!!!!!


On friday 02/25 I went in to get a blood test at my doctors becasue I had been having my breast itch uncontrolably and that was the first thing I noticed in 12/13 yet 10 days later we MC.   On saturday I couldnt wait anymore and bought a HPT and we had the amazing BFP!! That day I started using a natural progesterone cream twice a day on my belly, thighs and "chest" because I had been reading that it is a major reason of MC. 

Today 02/28 my doctors office called me with the results of my blood work, and he has prescribed me Progesterone Pills!!!! My progesterone is @ 20 and my HGC is  73. Im a little unsure how good or bad this is.

 My question is: Should i discontinue the cream and take the pills or would it be safe to do them both? I did call my Dr. but I had to leave a message for him so I am waiting on that. I did read that a drastic drop in progesterone could lead to MC and I definitally do not want that but I also read that too much is also bad.

I would LOVE to read some experiences!

Thank you and I will be checking in soon.....


Re: Question re: progesterone supplements HELP!!!!!

  • The cream doesn't give you much.  I would just use the suppositories.
  • image RachaelA:
    I would take whatever my doctor said (in this case the pills) and discontinue the cream.


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  • I was told by my Dr. that anything over 12 for prog is good, I would follow your Drs instructions I think from my pharmacy dispenser days I remember learning that very very small amounts of meds are actually absorbed through topical creams anyway. 

     For the beta number, remember all women are different but there is a website that tracks different betas dpo which I have found useful in the past.

     Hope this helps!

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  • hello and thank you all for your answers!

    I was mistaken.... the rx is Vaginal!!!! so Im picking it up ASAP and praying that all goes well.... with that being said..... does anyone have experience with this?



  • I am on the suppositories. 2x/day. At 15dpo, my progesterone was 19.5, hCG was 38. 17dpo, prog was 17 and hCG was 91. My RE prescribed the micro powder capsules. I put them in twice/day, when I wake up and before bed. I went in for my first u/s at 5w2d and my progesterone then was 27.5, so it has definitely helped!

    So I would forego the cream and just use the suppositories, since they are being absorbed right where they are needed.

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