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Hey, I want to give gDiapers a try.  Does anyone have tinyG's or small gDiapers they want to sell? 



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  • Have you looked on Spot's Corner on Hyena Cart?  I'd check there.  To be honest, I looked into these before we went to a CD class and while some people are very happy with gDiapers, I will say that they get more negative reviews than any other cloth or hybrid system out there.  If you are interested in a hybrid diaper system I would suggest the Flip or GroVia systems instead.  Can I ask what it is you're looking for specifically in cloth?  

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  • I actually found that my small g's were perfect for the newborn stage before my GroVias, thirsties, or BGs fit.  I just used them with infant sized prefolds... I had some disposable inserts, but never found a reason to use them, and just sold them. The covers worked so well I am holding on to them for #2.  Sorry I'm no luck, but watch Craigslist... There are often some on there every few weeks or so.  They only worked for me a couple months, but worth it for that time.

     ETA:  stupid phone...  Meant to say sorry I'm no help, And I used Newborn size prefolds


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  • I have two mediums that Sam has outgrown, so if you find you like them, page me and I will cream and one turquoise blue.  It's not that I don't like them, but they always seemed to be smaller than my BG, and so they were only used while waiting for the others to dry. 

    For some unsolicited advice, I think the hybrids are better suited for poops that are solid.  When the baby is so young, the poops are so slimy and go everywhere, they always got on the covers for me, and Sam seemed to poop almost every change so it kind of defeated the purpose of reusing the cover.  I do love my Flips now that he only poops every two to three days though :)

    I'm not so sure about this, Opa!
  • MSTie24: I'm looking to try the disposable/flushable inserts not cloth.  Thanks for the tip, I'll look into the Flip and GroVia also.  :)
  • Honestly, from everything I've read, from a lot of sources, if you're planning on exclusively using the disposable inserts, it's not worthwhile and you will find it easier and cheaper to just use regular sposies.  I was very interested in this first because I thought it would be less messy, but unfortunately I learned that the inserts do not flush well at all and often require several flushes to get everything down (plus you have to rip them open and swish around the contents with a little stick, so probably not something convenient to carry around when you're out and about) so there goes the mess factor.  Plus like PP said AI2s are not idea for nonsolid poos...we used the GroBaby (now GroVia) a lot when DD was small and every time she pooped it would get on the shell, so it had to be washed along with the insert.  Even prefolds were way better at containing mess.

    If you are looking to be more environmentally friendly with your diapering, I would HIGHLY recommend taking a class at either Birth and Beyond or Punkernoodle to learn more about actual cloth.  It is SO SO SO much easier and way less gross than I ever thought it could be, and in the end would be a lot cheaper than doing the gDiaper system, particularly if you use a prefold and cover system akin to the gDiapers.  Only difference would be you just throw the whole thing, cover and prefold, into your wetbag/pail liner and dump the whole thing in the wash, rather than have to deal with the insert separately.  I have a ton of good friends, Bumpies and not, who use CDs full or part time and are loving it, it's really so simple.  If you haven't already, check out the CD board, they have great FAQs and also a cloth review spreadsheet with feedback on all kinds of dipes includign gDiapers.  GL!

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  • Agreed. We tried gDiapers for the first few months and were less than thrilled. The city won't accept them in compost (like the website touts) and they did NOT flush well and I think would just cause plumbing issues in the long run. And for us they just plain leaked. See what you can borrow or get used, but don't buy too much of one brand until you are pleased is my best advice....
  • I finally have Internet again! So I think I'm one of the few gdiaper users on this board, and I love them. I can't stand the smell of disposables, but I don't want to do cloth and my child care (mom and sister) don't want to even touch cloth, so the gdiapers are a great middle ground for us. I found some older threads I've responded to, and I have an email I sent someone that I can C&P for more info:


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  • The short of it - I love them. I started looking at them before E was born because I didn't want a disposable but didn't think I could handle cloth - or rather get everyone on board for it. My mom was going to be watching her, so I needed a compromise. I was feeling pretty eco-guilty too about all the diapers in the landfill - I don't know about you, but I swear there are people who love to push that button, ads especially. Turns out I also hate the smell of disposables, and I didn't want the gel stuff next to her skin, and the diapers I used (pampers and huggies) seem to leek the gel when she peed. I did start out for the first two months on them, because at the time gdiapers didn't make a newborn size, only a small. I pretty much just waited until her belly button healed all the way and my guy stopped being apprehensive (he gets intimidated sometimes).  

    I started out with the starter pack and loved it. The tabs are super easy to line up. It's kind of weird at first if you start with a disposable because the tabs go in the back. I figure that's smart because Emmeline hardly ever tries to take off her diaper.   No blowouts, but then Emmeline has never been a blowout kind of baby. The only leeking issue I have ever had is at night time, so I don't use them as a night time diaper.  

    They have a cloth option as an insert. I've also heard people use them when they go on trips and don't want to haul around cloth diapers they have to wash.   Like cloth, they are an investment, but there are some great ways to save a little here and there.  

    1. Ebay/Craigs List - good for getting the starter kits for less or someone's collection.  

    2. Amazon - I signed up for ship and save for a four-pack of inserts, and not only do I pay less than in a store on on the gdiapers website, they ship to my house which is awesome.  

    3. Rewards - all the barcodes on the diaper packs, starter kits etc. are redeemable. Last year you could get a free bag of inserts. This year, 10 upc codes are good for $10 worth of goods. (This deal ended in July, but they usually bring out another one not long after)  

    4. Sales - I signed up for the newsletter and they let you know when a good sale is on. Facebook is also good for getting the scoop on used gdiapers and sales.  

    5. the Yahoo group through the gdiapers website - I'm not active, but it's a good place for cost info, how to do gdiapers with daycare etc. Basically it's an archive of any info related to gdiapers. People also sell their stuff on their.  

    Okay, that's a longer response than I had intended, but I hope it helps. Here's a link to a friend of mine (former Weddingbee blogger) - she uses them too:  

    Additionally, gdiapers has a new baby starter kit that has the tinyGs and the smallGs, and we're going to do that this time around.

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