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what's the best way to complain to the gas company?

On my way out the door this morning, I smelled gas. I called dh at work and let him know about the leak and that we'd be charged for missing our dr appointment. He decided to call himself and have me go on to the appointment. We asked for the gas to be turned off since no one would be home and then we'd call when I got home. No problem. They came out within 20 minutes of calling.

I got home from our appointment 2 hours after I called dh, called the emergency line like we were told and set up a need to come out and check it out and turn our gas back on. They couldn't tell me when someone would come out. 
Dh called me about 2 hours later to see if anyone had come out yet. Nope. He questioned if the gas was actually turned off. I assumed it was because they took it seriously and quickly last time we had a leak (a few weeks ago).  I turned on the stove to see- it lit. I let it burn a bit then freaked out that we were still leaking gas in my basement. (Closed off by a door- but I assume I'd still smell it- I couldn't). I called the company again and asked about it. It was turned off this morning.
Still waiting. Dh called about an hour ago (total of 7 hours of it being off now) and asked if they'd been out. Nope. He called again. They told him the work order had been closed.  Meaning they were never planning to send anyone out to us.

HELLO!  Do you really think we'd never use gas again?  and why would I call you TWICE after you turned off my gas?!  It's 30* out. I have two young children. We're bundled up and freezing.  I'm pissed.

I want to let them know they suck at service, even though I appreciate their quick response to turn off the gas in the first place. (Last time it was off for 4 hours before they returned to test and turn it on again).  Now we have to find a different plan for dinner because we need the oven and stove for tonight's menu-- and I have nothing thawed. Grrr. 

/vent  :)

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Re: what's the best way to complain to the gas company?

  • Ugh, what a mess! I'm glad you're okay, but that's super frustrating.

    I always start with the standard customer service number and a specific request or desire ("I want you to know that your service is hugely problematic, and I want X because of it.").

    And then if I'm told no, I ask to speak to the supervisor. And then keep going.

    Mother's Day, 2011
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