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Great appt! (VBAC update)

I had a super fantastic 28-wk appt this morning!

To start things off, I passed my 1-hr glucose test (which I failed with DD) and I didn't gain a single pound in the last month (I have no idea how that happened). The fact that I don't have GD (or even close, like last time when I ended up failing the 1-hr but passing the 3-hr) puts me in a lower risk category and makes a VBAC more plausible. That and the fact that Dos has a normal-sized head and is sitting at a very pretty 48% size (unlike DD's 80-90%), and things look even better.

We had a long talk with Dr. Seeker about the ins and outs of what would be allowed, and basically they will let me go the standard 1 week past due before forcing the r-c/s, giving me as much time as possible to go into labor on my own. I won't be required to get an epi from the get go as long as I am constantly monitored wirelessly, which means I can move around and labor however I want.

We also brought in the "natural c-section" article and talked about the different possibilities if I do end up with a r-c/s. Basically, depending on the circumstances, they are more than willing to drop the drape, let the cord stop pulsing on its own, put the baby in my arms, etc. So even if I do end up with another c/s, barring a true emergent situation, my c/s experience should be vastly different than it was the first time around.

Happy momma right here, folks.  Big Smile

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Re: Great appt! (VBAC update)

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