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5 million dollars. Go!

If you had it, what would you do (oh, and for you practical folk, this is after taxes)?

Re: 5 million dollars. Go!

  • DH would quit his job and both of us would stay home with Kate.  Oh, and we'd have enough money for fertility treatments again so we'd have a few more babies.  :)  If there was any money left after that, we would travel extensively and move into a little house in Hyde Park (if it were up to me) or off of South Congress.  
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  • - Pay off debt

    - Pay off house, replace flooring, appliances, and countertops

    - Get a maid to come 2x a week

    - Get some nicer cars

    - And sue DH's former employer for being a snake

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  • 1. All outstanding debts (house, loans, car, cc).

    2. Pay off remainder of my folks' house.

    3. Move downtown. 

    4. Quick (or not so quick) trip through Asia to NZ. 

    5. Throw whatever is remaining into retirement acct.

  • 1. Pay off all debt (home, student loans, medical)

    2. Purchase two new cars - nothing extravagant

    3. DH would quit his job and work an easier job (we've had this talk, he never wants to stop having something to do)

    4. Quit my job and procreate Wink

    5. Set up a college account for DD, and retirement account for DH and I

  • Put most of it into our retirement accounts, the boys' college funds and the bank. 

    Pay off our house.

    Travel the world.

    Get a nanny or full-time day-care.  

    Sit and eat bon-bons on the couch all day.


  • 1) Pay off our house, our parent's houses and my sister's house

    2) Set aside chunks for the kids and for our retirement

    3) DH would quit his job and start restoring old cars

    4) I'd become a career student and collect degrees like trading cards

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  • Pay off debt.

    Build a bigger house/ forever home.

    Give a certain amt to each immediate family member.

    Buy new cars.

    Hire a once a week maid and 5 day a week chef.

    Travel, take a world class Disney vaca.



  • 1. Quit my job.  Drinks

    2. Travel with L to Germany to visit my brother and his family. 

    3. Stay home with L while H finishes school.   

    4. When H finishes school, take a nice long trip to the French Polynesia.

    5. Move wherever H gets his dream job, buy a house in a good school district.

    6. Stash the rest of the $ away for an early retirment and our children's education.

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  • I'd spend about $200,000 paying off our house, my car and all other debt.

    I'd put another $100K into college accounts for the kids. There's plenty of time for that to grow and earn interest.

    I'd spend up to $50K for a truck for Mike and some bikes for all of us. 

    I'd spend another $50K fixing up the house.

    I'd put another $100K into a trust for my mother.

    That's half a mil.

    I'd plan on another million being spent to purchase property and design, build and finish out our dream home. It would likely be somewhere in the country where we could have plenty of space for growing produce and raising animals. The house itself would be a green home with solar panels, a gray water system, and eco friendly materials. I'm in no rush because I like our current house, so I'd want to take our time looking for property and designing the house or remodeling an existing structure.

    We're up to $1.5 million. 

    I'd invest 2 million for our retirement, although that's more than we need because Mike would hate being retired with nothing to do.

    Now I'm up to $3.5 million. I'd let Mike take $500K and spend it starting his own game design studio.

    With the remaining million dollars, I'd plan some trips, make some smaller cash gifts to relatives and friends, and donate money for cancer research.



  • $5 mil isn't enough for us to want to quit our jobs, so I think we'd buy a pretty bad-ass house, pay off my parents' debts, and throw most of the rest into retirement/college funds.  I'd also want to earmark a significant portion for the nonprofit group for Postpartum Support that I am helping start up.
  • Pay off debt.

    Buy a car with working windows so I don't have to roll down my window to open my car door.

    Start a college fund for my niece and nephew.

    Quite my job and get my masters of Oriental Medicine.

    Open an oriental medicine clinic specializing in women's health.

    Put the rest in savings/retirement/investments.

  • Build a bigger house.

    Hire a housekeeper to keep said big house clean and have a healthy, fresh dinner for us every night.

    Get DH a new car (I'm quite happy with mine). 

    Buy my MIL a house on the beach in CA. Buy my FIL an apartment in NYC. (real motivation = get them far, far away from us.)

    Put the rest is savings/retirement/college funds for the kiddos.

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  • We'd both quit our jobs, move back and find a sensible but cute house in Austin that we can take our time renovating to our hearts' content.  Get PG and enjoy the simple/good life.  We might volunteer or work if we find something that we love doing.  Travel every once in a while.  Nothing too crazy.
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  • imagerssnlvr:

    Build a bigger house.

    Pay off my school loans. 

    Hire a housekeeper to keep said big house clean and have a healthy, fresh dinner for us every night.

    Get ME a new car. 

    Buy my mom a house.  Buy my brother a house and set up a trust for him.

    Put the rest is savings/retirement/college funds for the kiddos.

  • Quit my job (but DH can still work. Ha.) 

    Pay off our medical debt.

    Build a house on a gorgeous piece of land.

    Buy each of us a new (not extravagant) car.

    Set aside a fund for Camy (and future child).

    Set aside for retirement. 

    Give a large chunk to my mama for being awesome... and smaller chunks to other immediate family. 

    Do a bit of travelling with Camy in tow. 

    ...and still have a lot left over.... 

  • Buy a house and furniture to go with it

    Take a trip with DH somewhere in the pacific

    I think I'd save most of it for future kids, college funds, retirement, helping our parents, etc.


  • -Pay off all debt (student loans and house, DH's cc)

    -New car for me (DH just got a new one last year)

    - Buy a new house

    - Retirement

    -Set money aside for kids' college

    -ADOPT a child!

    - Give cash gifts to family

    -Donate some to church/charity

    - The rest (if there's anything left) into savings.


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