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redness/rash at chickenpox vaccine site (PIP)

11 days ago Robby had the Varicella Vaccine (Chickenpox). It wasn't until 2 days ago that I noticed any redness at all. Yesterday, the redness was larger. And today I noticed a knot under the skin and a few tiny blister-like bumps.

Anyone else have a similar experience?


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Re: redness/rash at chickenpox vaccine site (PIP)

  • Known Side Effects A majority of people who get the vaccine have no side effects. Of those who do have side effects, most will have only a mild reaction such as soreness and swelling where the shot was administered, and a mild rash. Pain and redness at the injection site occurs in about one in five children (and about 1 in 3 teenagers). About one in five may have a also few chickenpox-like lesions at the injection?site. One to three weeks after vaccination, some may develop a few chickenpox-like lesions elsewhere on their?bodies. Although fever occurs in as many as fifteen percent of children following varicella vaccine it also occurred in children who had received the placebo instead of?vaccine. MMRV combination vaccine has comparable rates of reactions to children who received MMR and varicella vaccine at different sites?except that those that received MMRV vaccine more commonly experienced fever, a measles-like rash and rash at the injection site. It has also been observed that children who received MMRV vaccine had an increased risk of febrile seizures of about one child per 1000 when compared to children who got MMR and varicella vaccine at different sites on the same?day...... I am on my phone..... Sorry for lack of paragraphs. Copied and pasted this info. Hope Robby is feeling okay! Poor guy!
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  • Geez poor little guy!  I hope it doesn't bother Robby at least!  I would cross post this to the 12-24 board because when I posted a question there about Varicella vaccine reactions a while back (it was like a survey) I got a lot of replies.  Fortunately Simon didn't end up reacting to the vaccine, but if I remember correctly, some people's LO got a rash.  I hope Robby's rash goes away quickly!  Can you give him benadryl?  Also check your gmail account Wink
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  • Owie! Poor Robby!. I didn't notice anything like that after M's vax, but I've heard that it's quite common.
  • Aaron had the exact same thing.  I spoke to my pedi about it and was told it was normal.  It went away relatively quickly and otherwise Aaron wasn't too bothered by it.

    EDIT: Though his showed up MUCH sooner. Maybe a day or so after the vaccine. It went away after 3 or 4 days, if I recall correctly.

    And btw ... LOVE Robby with the bowl on his head.  lol


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  • I hope it doesn't bother him too much and it goes away quickly.  BTW. I am astounded that you can find onesies his size.  I had a hard time finding them bigger than 9 months.
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  • I know this post is an old one, but my one year old daughter is experiencing the same exact rash from her varicella vaccine 10 days ago. I'm going to call the doctor tomorrow, but I was wondering how this went for you if you can remember? Was it something that needed to be treated? Or did it resolve on it's own? Thank you!


  • Hi Kendra,

    I seem to recall it took a few days to fade and I did ice it a bit that first day.  Definitely call your pediatrician--that's what he/she is there for!

    Again, it resolved on its own.


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  • I am a bit late to this thread but am curious what came of this.  My 1 yo DD has the exact same redness 12 days after having the Varicella vax.  Previously the area seemed completely clear; the redness & bumps just appeared out of the blue.  Other than a cold she seems fine otherwise.
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