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Need advice on PT progress and work tomorrow

We're on day two of the three day potty training boot camp. I went into it thinking if she reacted well to it that we'd keep going and if not, we'd quit and try again later. 

I don't know how to gauge how succesful we've been, but at this point, since she has not peed on the potty once. She is letting me pick her up and rush her to the potty when she starts to pee and she's always excited to get a new pair of panties on. I *think* that's normal still for the second day, but I don't know. I have said fifty billion times "let mommy know if you have to go potty" and she will sometimes recite it after me, but then not actually tell me when she has to go. If I ask her if her panties are wet, she says "no dry" and if I ask if they're dry, she says "no wet". I attribute that to just being a little stinker. haha! So now I ask if her panties are wet, and when she says they're dry, I say "Oh good, because we want to keep your panties dry".

My big debate now is whether I should take a day off tomorrow to complete the program or not. Things to consider:
1. Daycare has been working with the kids on certain PTing topics, so they *may* be able to continue on with the "tell me when you're wet".
2. Katie's class has 11 kids in it, so I'd hate for them to have to clean up her pee each time if she still doesn't get it.
3. Having daycare finish the third day is a break in the routine and it may or may not work
4. I have three meetings tomorrow I can NOT miss. I can call in for them, but I can not miss them.
5. I have a lot of work to do and the deadline is this week. Not sure if I can get everything on my list done this week if I don't work on Monday.
6. David will be home tonight, but I don't think he can take the day off [haven't asked] and again, i don't know that he would do it right. I'd trust daycare to do it more than him. [don't mean that in an ugly way, just that he doesn't know the first thing about PTing and they do]
7. Did I mention I have a ton to do at work? If I take a day off, it will make a very stressful rest of the week.
8. My boss is pretty supportive of work life balance. She may not be pleased if I take a day off at short notice with so much going on for a reason like this, but I wouldn't be penalized.

I'm sure I'm missing another consideration, but that's it for now. WWYD? Take tomorrow off or not? Does Katie sound like she's on target for this?

Katie, Duke Gardens, 6months


Zach, Duke Gardens, 6months


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Re: Need advice on PT progress and work tomorrow

  • from what I hear they need 3 days to really grasp the concept.  I would lean toward taking the day off.  If you were to scrap it now the last two days would be in vane...which sucks. And I don't think we have another 3 day weekend for another couple of months. GL
  • Every kid is different, but Holly really didn't "get it' until the 3rd day. If following the 3 day program, I'd really hate to miss day three. I would really suggest trying to stay home and sticking with it, though it sounds like that would not really be ideal. So maybe make sure your daycare is on board, and if they'll continue with the same method, maybe it'll work. Otherwise, I'd probably wait a couple of weeks, and take a Friday or Monday off when it's a better time, and try again.

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