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what to get a 1 year old?

dh and i are starting to talk about what we might want to get m for her first birthday. we have a few ideas, (wagon or cozy coupe) but we aren't really "sold" on anything yet.

what did you get your kiddo at one? what are some good ideas? is there anything that your kiddo loves around this age?

Re: what to get a 1 year old?

  • DS birthday falls within two weeks of Christmas which I thought was perfect because we got him a wagon for Christmas and the cozy coupe for his birthday.  Both are a huge hit and not just with him but when other kids are over.  We go for walks nearly everyday in his wagon, he loves it!  One other thing that is a huge hit for DS and a couple of other kids that we bought one year gifts for is a musical instrument set.  They have a great one at Target for $19.99.
  • DS got this tent for his 1st b-day and he still loves it to this day.
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  • Luckily for us, DD's birthday is 6 months from Christmas so we only got things we knew she would love at that age and waited on stuff that she would/could grow in to until Christmas.

    Specifically for her birthday, her "big" items were:
    - cozy coupe
    - sand/water table (we have this one)
    - a pop-up pool (we got this one)

    Stuff that she got at Christmas (18 months) that she would have loved soon after her birthday:
    - play kitchen
    - learning tower

  • Both Abby and Emily have loved Sarah's Silks 

    Neither of my kids are very into imaginative play. Emily is still a little young and Abby just isn't that abstract. However, both have still found plenty of interesting and creative things to do with them. Both have always enjoyed putting them over their head and walking around. It makes everything a different color and that's pretty cool to them. Abby wraps up toys and calls them presents and give them to us or Emily. They're used as diapers, blankets for babies and more recently, sails on a boat (drapped over the couch).

    I was very skeptical at first and there are times they go unnoticed for weeks. I'll put them away and bring them back out after a month or two and they're instantly a hit again! I think we recieved 4-5 as a gift for Abby's 1st birthday from m_and_m. When they get yucky (boogers mostly), I just give them a quick rinse in the sink and air dry.

    Not sure where to get them locally but I'm sure the girls here know!

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  • V's birthday is in December so she got a bunch of gifts around her b-day and christmas.  All were major hits: play kitchen, PB mini chair (forget what they're called), Learning Tower (she's just recently started liking this though) and wagon.  She's not as into it anymore but she also LOVED her Laugh and Learn home.
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  • If you're considering a LT, I can testify that it's already a hit with Emily. She just learned to get into it herself and shrieks "All Done" when she wants to get down. She loves being able to see what's going on when I'm making dinner. I let her "help" and give her a metal bowl and spoon to bang around.
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