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S/O road trips - anyone go by themselves?

Hi all,

S and I will be doing a road trip to Phoenix mid March.  It will be about a 7 hour drive.  SO can't get of off work, so it will just be the two of us.  Anyone try this with a toddler by themselves?  What worked/what didn't work?  We're hoping to stay with family, so leaving at night and arriving early in the morning won't work for us.  TIA!

Re: S/O road trips - anyone go by themselves?

  • Haven't tried it, but good luck!
  • Yes, I have traveled alone with my dds since the were infants.  If I waited for DH to be off or ready, we would never get to go anywhere. 

    I answered Jarbatz post below with some tips.  I think you and S will have a blast. 

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  • We went on a 12 hour trip when my son was 18 mos old. My friend suggested a portable DVD player. I was against him watching much TV, but I must say it made the trip nice. I packed several DVD's, but Nemo was the hit.  I also bought several small toys and put them close to him.  They were new toys to him so he played with them for a long time. I made them "car only"toys, and they had to remain in the car after we were at the destination. He was still very interested in the toys for the ride home.  We also stopped and ate inside for meals to give him a break.  We drove during the day for safety reasons, it really wasn't bad.
  • In Nov. I drove to Mpls. with DS & DD by myself, and I won't do it again with the 2 kids.  It was just too hard to keep track of both of them.  My suggestion would be to go at naptime, so S can sleep in the car.  If you get out of the car to get gas, potty break, diaper change, try not go to a busy place, like Culver's.  If you must, try to stop in at main meal times.

    Bring snacks in the car.  GL and have fun!

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  • Sorry, that should be NOT to stop in at main meal times at busy restaurants. 
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  • Thanks all!  It has ended up that my father is able to go.  We're going to be staying at his sister's house, so this will give him time to catch up with her.  But I will admit I was kinda excited to have alone time with S - maybe next time.
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