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today, loving the rain

It is down pouring today, but it is a well needed rest day for us!  We have had such a busy school vacation week - & we had so much fun.  We saw friends that we don't get to see much anymore, went to a bounce house, took daddy for lunch, went to a kids museum, stayed up late.  Today the kids are going to catch up on TV ; ) & poor Liam was up all night with a fever - he is napping right now (poor kid).

My favorite thing from this week was having Owen & Liam come join me in bed the other morning & Owen reading a book to Liam.  This morning all the boys climbed into our bed (without us) & crawled under the covers & drank their morning milk.

I feel so blessed!

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Re: today, loving the rain

  • Poor Liam, seems like all the kids are sick right now, I hope his fever is down this morning.  That's so cute that your boys were all in bed together.  When I hear things like that I get sad that we're not having a second child Crying  Enjoy your rest day today and I hope Liam feels better soon!
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