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Potty Training DD ready?

We're getting ready to switch DD to undies and pull ups at night/nap but I'm not sure she's ready. I'm hoping you all can help me decide. She has been showing interest after seeing her friends go at playschool. So I've been asking her to go potty every hour or so and though she says no a lot, she's has been peeing 1-4 times a day for 3 few weeks, but she won't poop. She does tell me when she's about to poop but she won't go on her potty. 

Should I just go for it with the undies and hope she gets it when it gets messy or wait awhile until she'll poop on the potty? I don't want to push her by asking too much or putting pressure on her and loose the momentum. We give her an M&M and do a potty dance when she pees which she loves. Any ideas or advise?? Thanks!

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