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Stop telling me I'm glowing..

No but really.. What is this stupid pregnancy glow everyone is talking about? If anything it's the sweat on my face from feeling nauseous 24/7 and the flush in my cheeks from getting up and running to the bathroom..

I swear, if one more peppy person comes up and says 'on you're so tiny but I could tell you're pregnant because, you are GLOOOWWINGG' I'm going to smack them.

I hope I'm tiny, I'm only 11 weeks, what do you think I'm having an elephant? Really? 

It doesn't help that I rarely have energy to get dressed in the morning so I'm in yoga pants and ratty tshirts all day.. I'm sure that helps me 'glow more'

Sorry, I'm just annoyed that everyone is so peppy..I know being pregnant is a gift, and don't get me wrong we're so excited.. I'm just tired of people turning up to tell me how excited they are for me.. How about you tell me in 9 months.. hmm.. Maybe not, I'll probablly be even more exhausted then..

Why can't people who are sooo happy that I'm pregnant come and fold my laundry and do my dishes.. I've been siting on the couch for 30 min trying to get energy to get up and do it..while they're at it they can feed and walk the dog as well..

That is all..

Re: Stop telling me I'm glowing..

  • LOL This is a big reason why I haven't told people at work yet! They already bother me with the "when are you going to get pregnant" and if I say I'm not feeling well "you must be pregnant!" oooo boy I can only imagine. I do not like people making a big deal out of me AT ALL.
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  • I don't get the whole "glowing" thing either. My response usually is that it isn't glow but sweat from throwing up...seriously. They look at me like I just stomped on their ice cream cone.


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  • I don't even get what it means.  I've always heard the term used to refer to a woman when she sweats.  "women don't sweat they glow!"  Trust me, I'm not that prim and proper, just giving a reference point.

    So when someone says, you're glowing, I always think they're telling me I look sweaty.

    My boss did say that to me the other day, and I just said it was the tons of makeup I put on to cover up my green face from barfing.

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  • LOL! Oh you make me laugh!

     My girl friend was listening to me B**** around week 8. She was so sweet and said ,"But aren't you glowing?" I said, "No that's just sweat because I'm so freakin' hot all the time." She then says, "But isn't your hair getting nice and long and shiny?" I then replied, "Yeah, the hair on my face!"

     Poor thing was trying to find something good for me to look at and me being the sarcastic one I was kept shooting her down. Oh we had a good laugh over that.

     But seriously, I know what you mean!

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  • I also respond that it's just bronzer and mineralize finishing powder and they can glow too, courtesy of M.A.C. Stick out tongue
    ~ Josh & Jill, married 5/2/09 ~
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  • I must be having an elephant, because I'm not tiny. Huh?

  • M.A.C is a life saver:)

    ps- I like the stepping on a icecream cone thing.. people are so dumb. lol

  • The other week, this woman in my yoga class was like, "That color looks really good on you. Or maybe you're just glowing from the exercise."

    I was like, "Hmmm, really." What's weird is that she and the other students in the class don't know I'm pregnant. They'll probably figure it out pretty soon, though, because the yoga teacher is helping me modify the twists and I've stopped doing inversions. 


  • Please, I'm sure you are.. I'll probablly pop out tonight because I ran my big fat mouth.. Actually I proablly am.. It's just people are trying to be nice b/c I look like I could rip someones head off at any second.Devil
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