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OB yes on Natural Birth - Phoenix/Scottsdale area

Hello everyone!

 I'm looking for an OB that is supportive of Natural Birth in the central Phoenix/Scottsdale area. Any recommendations? Thanks!

Re: OB yes on Natural Birth - Phoenix/Scottsdale area

  • Dr. Marilynn Laughead (Sonoran Obstetrics) at 92nd Street & Shea seems to be really supportive of natural birth (assuming no complications, obviously).  I'm a patient of hers and 39 weeks along....  We've decided to induce due to size of baby (my 1st was over 9 lbs & this one looks like he will be just as big), and we are starting with a non-medication/less invasive way (foley catheter). 

     Have you looked for a Midwife? 

  • Hi! Yes, that's what i'm doing right now but I still would like to have an OB just in case there's complications. I also heard that St. Josephs has an "alternative" birth center with midwives, have you heard anything about that?

     Congratulations on your baby!

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  • Phoenix Baptist Hospital uses Midwives, I think they have their own section in the hospital (separate from the regular L&D).  http://www.abrazohealth.com/facilities/phoenix/home.aspx

    Lots of my friends have delivered there and been very happy. The Midwives are from: http://www.bethanywomen.com/


    I'm in the NW side of the Valley and have delivered naturally at Banner Thunderbird Hospital.   

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