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18 month check-up

Katie is 31 1/2" (45th %ile) and 24lb. (55th %ile).  I can't believe how average she is now.  She was below the 5th %ile for her 1st 6mos. and has been slowly moving up the curves.  Yea!

I had to complete the M-CHAT and another 18mo. questionnaire.  In discussing results with the dr., it seems that K's right on track.  She was borderline in the problem solving area, but we discussed that the questionnaire asks about v. specific exercises that I've just never thought to do with K.  So now I have new things to challenge her with!

I asked about the milk.  After our 15mo. check-up we were supposed to have her completely off bottles by 18mos.  We cut out all of the daytime bottles, but since she won't drink milk out of a sippy cup we'd still been giving her milk before bed in a sippy cup w/ a bottle nipple top.  The dr. said that as long as she is getting yogurt and/or cheese every day she was fine w/o the milk.  Cereal also has a lot of the same nutrients she would get from milk.  We should continue offering milk in a sippy cup (flavored milk is fine) and she may eventually decide to take it.  I hope so!  I'd like to have K drinking milk, but I'll also be happy to have K off bottles before #2 arrives next month.

Oh, and this is the 1st time we've walked into the dr's office and K immediately started crying.  I felt so bad, but I guess she remembered that this would mean she would be getting undressed... and shots.  Everytime I distracted her and got her calmed down, it seemed she'd have to do something else that she deemed unpleasant (like sit on the scale!).

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Re: 18 month check-up

  • 34 lbs at 18 months???  I'm guessing you probably meant 24 lbs Wink  And yay for moving up the growth curve!  Yeah Simon just started crying when we walk into the peds office too, sucks when that happens, and if you end up waiting forever to see the doctor it's even worse!
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  • Yes Great appt. Sorry she cried. Maddie does too and it breaks my heart. They know what is coming.

    M moved up the chart in weight at 18 months also - but only by 5 points. :)

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  • So sorry she cried but good she is doing well.
  • I'm glad she's doing so well!  Yucky about crying, though.
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