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I guess it's true after all!

Everyone always says how much the Peanut looks like DH...I always smile and nod but I don't see it.  MIL just emailed us a bunch of pics of DH as a tiny baby, and the resemblance is uncanny.  Right down to the hand in the mouth.  Wow.  I guess it's not the milkman's, then :)  We can wear that Handsome Like Daddy onesie with pride!
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Re: I guess it's true after all!

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    Haha my DS is the same way - spitting image of his daddy.  
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    Mine looks just like his daddy too!

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    B looks exactly like his dad too! But, M looks just like me so I guess we're even Stick out tongue

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    u guys are lucky your boys look like there daddys.
    Poor DD looks just like DH with my nose and DHs farturnal twin brother's (rip) chubby cheeks. i always tease DH that he would have made a pretty girl lol
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