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Stony Brook Maternity Tour

Hey Ladies!

Is anyone else delivering at Stony Brook?  I was told to go for the tour of the maternity ward.  I've been looking online to find out how to register for a tour, but have had no success.  I just called the information desk @ SB and the woman said that the tour is setup through your Dr.  I don't think this is correct, but I'll check at my next appt.  Is anyone else planning on taking a tour of the maternity ward, and if so, who did you contact to set up the tour?


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Re: Stony Brook Maternity Tour

  • When I took it I let my midwife know and just showed up at the meeting, there wasnt a need to sign up or register. They meet i think the first or secong Thursday every month @ 7pm i think...
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  • my doctors office gave me the phone number to call and schedule the tour: 444-4000.  They do the tours on Saturdays at 5.
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