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If you had your child assessed for PT... what age did you have it done and who initiated that discussion - your or your pediatrician?
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Re: If you had your child assessed for PT...

  • Nicholas was assessed initially for PT when we started services with Early Intervention- First Steps. He was borderline for needing it b/c of tone issues and so we started his feeding/speech therapy and after a few months of that his speech/feeding therapist mentioned a few concerns she had and suggested we have an actual PT come out and do another evaluation and when they did we qualified for services. The original evaluation was done by a OT.

    You can call EI and request an evaluation without needing a dr's referral. But I would start talking w/ the pedi to see what they think based on seeing tons of kids. HTH!

    Oh and Nick was about 6 months old when he had his first eval., 7 months old when we started feeding/speech therapy and 9 months old when we started PT.

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  • Sorry, I'm no help at all; but what's going on?  K or S?
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  • I'm gonna go out on a limb and hope that PT doesn't stand for potty training in this case?
  • It's for Sam.

    And no it's not potty training :P That is going moderately well for us. (Katherine, not Sam) Tomorrow will be two weeks and she's done pretty well so far I think. 

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  • Both the pedi and I decided it was time to have him looked at when we went for his 1 year well check up

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  • While it wasn't for PT, you can initiate a referral to Help Me Grow without the pedi's blessing- if you think there is a problem, then I'd submit a referral form.  The worst they can say is "no" and it's at no charge to you (your tax dollars at work). 

    GL, and I hope Sam is ok!

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