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Sick newborn? Not sure what to do...

I've never had a sick newborn before so I'm not sure what to do... Lila has been very congested and a little wheezy since yesterday.  She seems to be eating just fine, isn't running a temp and isn't fussy.  The only thing that is a little odd behavior wise is that she's been very very sleepy and just has this glassy look.  For my older kids I would just say it's a cold and let it run its course, run a humidifier, etc. but am I supposed to do anything differently because of her age?

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Re: Sick newborn? Not sure what to do...

  • I have no idea or can not offer any advice but wanted to say that I hope she feels better REALLY soon! That's just got to be awful!! 
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  • I'd call the doctor. I'd worry it's RSV. Hope she is better soon!
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  • We had the same thing with Sam when he was three weeks old. It's VERY scary. It turned out to be nothing more than a cold that needed to be worked through but you should absolutely call the pedi to make sure and get guidance. I hope it's nothing serious and passes quickly.
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  • My brother is a pedi..his rule of thumb is if they are under five weeks!!! It gets serious very quickly. Under 5 weeks with a fever is really something that needs to be checked out! 

    Hope it is nothing but  I would call! 

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  • Oh, I think would call. She's just so young. And yes, ditto Kristen, I'd be worried about RSV. I know it's bad this year. Get well quickly, little Lila! :(
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  • I Would call. RSV - bronchiolits is rampant right now and it can get bad quick with the little ones. If she's wheezing and you can't keep up with the snot with bulb suctioning definitely call.
  • Thanks ladies!  I put my head up to her back to listen and her chest sounds clear, so I think it's more of a head congestion thing.  I did call the nurse line anyway to be sure about what they would want me to do for a newborn and they did say they would have me take her in to Children's right away for trouble breathing, but if I think it's mostly in her head they would leave it up to me about taking her in (and the nurse did agree with me that it is probably more in her head since it doesn't seem to inhibit her feeding).  What do you think I should do?  I always say better safe than sorry and want to do whatever is best, but with it being flu season and RSV being really bad right now, it almost seems safer to stay home (assuming she is healthy and it's just a head cold)... but then again it's scary to hear that wheeziness... I don't know what to do.
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  • I would go to hospital without a doubt.  Wheezing occurs in the lungs when the aiway is constricted.  RSV is what made us stay in hiding for the first 2 winters from Oct - May as ordered by the NICU and his pedi. With all the sickness going around I wouldn't risk it. 

    I kow what you mean about going to the hospital is scary enough being in such a sick environment but maybe you can get somebody to watch the older 2 and as long as Lila is in your arms or in stroller just don't let anybody come near her.  I had a sign I kept on Evans stroller that said 'wash your hands before touching my hands' and that almost always directed everybody away. 

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