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When did your baby start using the activity mat/gym?

I feel like I remember nothing from when I had my first two.  I no longer have an activity mat or gym from my boys, so need to get one at some point.  I'm just wondering when DD will use it.  (She'll be three weeks on Friday.)

Also -- which one do you have? 

Re: When did your baby start using the activity mat/gym?

  • DD got the Fisher Price Precious Planet Play Mat as a gift for Christmas and she loves it! It's simple and small but there's still plenty to keep her attention. She grabs at the toys and laughs now whenever she makes it play music.
  • DD is only 2 weeks old, but I put her under her playmat today while she was alert and awake. I figured it will only stimulate the senses... the box sdays birth-18 mos
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  • We started using ours at around 3-4 weeks I think.
  • 3 weeks for her tummy time, she was only into the mirror though! Now she's more into the toys, sounds, etc. We have the Skip Hop Funky Farmyard and we like it.
  • we started using it the day we came home from the hospital :) We have a Fisher Price Rainforest playmat. Our son loves it - especially the lights.

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  • I've been using it for a while, but I'd say he really started noticing the things hanging around 6 weeks? So he likes it more now!
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  • I started putting him under it when he was about 4 weeks. He can't actually use it, but I just sit next to it and move the things around, show him, talk to him etc.  He only pays attention for a few minutes, but it's something, since there's not much else to do with them for play right now. I also lay him on it for his tummy time.
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  • I started putting my LO on her mat the first week.  She loved looking at the flashing lights on it.
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  • I got mine at Target.  Sassy Brand Rockstar Playmat or whatever.  $49.99. 

    She is 5 and a half weeks and plays about 10 minutes at a clip.  She swats at a couple of dangling things and stares at the colors.

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  • We bought ours just before he turned 2 mo - this past week he's been batting at the animals and kicking his feet.  

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    We paid $42 for this one.

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  • We started using DS' when he was 1 month, because he got it for Christmas.

    We have this playmat from IKEA and I LOVE LOVE LOVE it--it has squeaky things, a mirror, plush things, and it is SO soft. And it's machine washable! (You remove the mirror)


    And for our play gym we have this one from IKEA--also love it. He loves it so much because of the bright colors.



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  • LO got one from Santa, he was 3 weeks old.  I like that it comes with a mini boppy type pillow that is great for tummy time.  It also folds easily to take with us to grandmas.



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  • imagemaryellen21:
    we started using it the day we came home from the hospital :) We have a Fisher Price Rainforest playmat. Our son loves it - especially the lights.

    This exactly.


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