How long would $500

last you if DH was going to be gone for a week??



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extra expenses


Re: How long would $500

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    $500? I could do those 4 things for awhile if it was just me, $500...I'd say... a month?
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    If I had to it could last a month. I could easily do two weeks.
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    $500 would be more than enough to go wherever we wanted, eat out as much as we could stomach and pretty much do whatever we wanted within reason. It would easily cover gas, groceries, eating out, a trip to the zoo or Children's Musuem, and other fun things assuming that I wouldn't have to use any of it for bills or household expenses.
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    Taking DH out of the equation completely it would last me a month.  (Not counting utilities, YMCA membership, rent, etc)


    We live in the city and do lots of free things so I dont spend a ton of money.  I am a coupon freak, so I save a ton and cook a lot.

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    2 weeks, easy.  Maybe 3.

    Me with my littlest.
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    $220 in groceries for 4 people (Me, MIL, Miles and Emilia)

    $80.00 in gas

    $100 in eating out expenses


    $100 left over and DH gets back on Fri from vacation.

    I clearly need to re budget for the next time. I don't know how I flew through that money.


    I will say we have to drive pretty far to get anywhere. I also needed to maintain my sanity while MIL was here.. she is wonderful but she is like a helicopter MIL.. that coupled with the fact that Miles has been sleeping with me for the past 6 days... I have not had a moment to myself since last Thursday.

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    3-4 weeks probably

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    It would last me about 10 days, but I have memberships to a lot of places and we tend to go out to lunch with 2 for 1 coupons with friends, and DD doesn't really each lunch much, so I don't order for her.  Oh, and I only drive about 4 miles a day, so not a big expense for us.
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    Probably 3 weeks. . .
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    if you are just talking about every day expenses, 3 weeks or so.  maybe longer. 

     how did you spend 220 in groceries, even for 4 people?  and then 100 for eating out?  that is a lot for 1 week.

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    I really think it depends on where you live. $220 on groceries where I live is the norm. And $100 for eating out is not alot IMO. 
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    3 weeks

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    If it were me and the kids, probably two weeks but if I had to make it last a month, I'm sure I could.
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