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Does pedialyte satisfy hunger?

N has a stomach bug and hasn't kept any milk down since 10 am, so her doc recommended that we give pedialyte only for her feedings until tomorrow.  She said to give 2 oz at a time...because this is considerably less than she usually eats, I'm worried that she's going to get really hungry and want milk.  Does the pedialyte satisfy whatever appetite she might have right now?  TIA!
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Re: Does pedialyte satisfy hunger?

  • Nope!! It sucks when that's all they can have. When DS had to have it when he was younger he couldn't understand why I wouldn't give him more. The pedi even told me it does nothing for their appetite. Once he kept it down for like 2 hrs, I mixed 2 oz pedialyte and 2 oz formula and that helped somewhat. I hope they feel better soon!!
  • I had the same question! My Dr put it to me this way: When you are sick to your stomach are you hungry? Nope! Pedialyte will just make sure ur little one will not dehydrated!

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  • We've done pedialyte when Dylan was sick and he did fine with it. I think he felt so bad he didn't really care to eat.
  • I would assume that as long as the stomach bug if afflicting her full force, she won't be hungry.


    Anytime I've had a stomach bug, the last thing I wanted to think about was food.

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  • no, but my DS had zero appetite when he had a bug anyway.  We were at a ski condo with no access to pedialyte when he got it and he'd nurse for a few minutes at a time and that's all he wanted.
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  • Thanks, everyone.  I was mostly worried because she downed the first 2 oz, and I was/am afraid that she was hungry because it seemed like she wanted more.  I appreciate the responses!  I wonder if it would be a bad idea to nurse her for a few minutes if she wakes up...I guess I should listen to the doc and just stick with pedialyte.

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  • Nursing for a few minutes is fine.  Breastmilk counts as a "clear liquid".
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