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Boca Regional or West Boca?

I have heard positive and negative things about both. From the websites Boca Regional seems to offer more for maternity but West Boca has a higher rated NICU. What did you guys think of your experiences at these hospitals? Thanks!
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Re: Boca Regional or West Boca?

  • I had an absolutely horrible time at West Boca.  I could care less what their nicu is is a level 3 which means that it can take babies less than 28 weeks...Boca Regional can take any baby delivered after 28 weeks or around there but most of their Nicu nurses have been trained in a level 3 nicu. 

    I would never go to West Boca ever again.  The nursing care was horrendous and they allowed me to go home with a pulmonary embolism because they wouldn't call my dr.'s about the chest pain i was having.  I had a problem breathing for two months after having my daughter. 

    I have no idea about boca regional, but I am hoping it is much better and i get much better care!  I have heard five other people in real life that had terrible traumatic experiences at West Boca also.  I actually have been thinking of writing a letter to the state medical board about this hospital. 

    i have no idea how they get the ratings they get because basically i have talked to many women that have delivered there and no one had a great experience.  Sorry this is such a strong post, but i would never want anyone to go through what i went through.

    If your child needs the level three nicu they will transport them to west boca.

    DD (8/12/09), DD (2/8/11)
    BFP 12/16/14| EDD 8/19/15 |MMC 1/15/15 (9 weeks 1 day)
  • Though I have never delivered at Boca Regional, if I had the choice I would definitely deliver there based on the feedback I have received from friends who have delivered there. My midwife delivers at West Boca and Bethesda, so West Boca is definitely the better choice in my case. 

     I delivered at West Boca in December of 2009. My experience was just ok, although several of my friends who delivered there have had glowing reviews.

    The delivery nurses were hit or miss, some were great, some not so great. During the hospital tour I was told 90% of the time patients were given a private room with 2 beds, 1 of which your husband could sleep in. I unfortunately was in the 10% who did not get a private room because the unit was too full. I had to share a room and bathroom for the 1st night postpartum (she left the next day and my husband was able to stay with me the 2nd night). It was uncomfortable, but not as bad as I expected. The worst part was being without my husband over night the same day I delivered my daughter. The postpartum nurses were all excellent, no complaints there at all. 

     One other thing that bothered me was because my daughter had jaundice and had to spend a lot of time in the nursery getting light treatments. I understand this was a necessity, but the nursery nurses weren't sympathetic at all to us and seemed annoyed when we got upset after they would rush a feeding, etc. We really wanted to bond with our newborn daughter and weren't allowed into the nursery to sit with her, we could only watch her through the window. It was really tough. I have since done research on this and found these type of treatments a lot of time can be done in the patients room and/or parents are able to sit with their children in the nursery so they can still do diaper changes, etc. 

     I am pregnant again and decided to deliver once again at West Boca. I love my midwife and really didnt want to change practitioners. Ultimately I felt excellent prenatal care and good enough labor, delivery, and postpartum care was the best choice for me. Hopefully I will have a better experience at West Boca this time around.

     Good luck!    

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  • I had my DD at West Boca via c-section. Though I have nothing to compare it to, as she is my first, overall I had a pleasant experience. The nurses that I had were very accommodating and helpful after my surgery. They were also very helpful with breastfeeding issues and just explaining things to a new mom. Though some were better than others, I didn't have any issues with any of them. 

    We did not have a private room, but DH was able to stay with me all 3 nights postpartum in the second bed in my room. (thankfully)

    We had a very positive experience and when we have # 2 we will be going back to West Boca.


  • BRRH (Regional) ALL THE WAY!!!  Cannot say enough wonderful things about my experience there...nurses, staff, rooms, even the food was not bad! LOL
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  • I have always heard glowing reviews about Boca Regional from both other moms as well as from the OBs and midwives in my doctor's office, so we'll be delivering there.


    Just out of curiosity, what negative things have you heard about Boca Regional (aside from the NICU)?

  • I also believe that Boca Regional is the better hospital. If natural childbirth interests you, their nurses are incredibly supportive. They even rent aqua doulas (water tubs that you can labor in). Tour both hospitals and ask your questions...what is most important is your comfort level.
  • BRRH is awesome.  Nice private rooms, labor & delivery nurses w/ hearts of gold, awesome lactation nurses and free support, and great educational classes.  If I wasn't 'one and done', I would so deliver there again!
  • I appreciate all the feedback! I was leaning towards Boca Regional as it was but DH's sister who works in the medical field was trying to push West Boca on us. It has pretty much annoyed me since it's our decision and no one else's and your comments have helped me with sticking to the path I was currently considering. Granted we still need to do our hospital tours I am still leaning towards Regional. Thanks ladies!
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  • I had a terrible experience at Boca Regional Hospital in November 2013.  It was my first pregnancy and I can tell you honestly, it ruined the whole experience for me, I would NEVER go back there.  I'm pregnant with my 2nd baby and even though I love my OBGYN, I am willing to look for a new one just because there's no way I'm delivering there again.  

    A few things you should know about Boca Regional Maternity rooms:

    1 - You don't get your own bathroom, you share it with another patient. (If you've had a baby before, you know how incredibly uncomfortable it would be to share a bathroom when you are bleeding heavily after giving birth, even worse if you can't control your bladder post partum, which was my case.  There's only 1 room that has its own bathroom, un upgraded room, but....  there is no sink in the bathroom, it's just the toilette...  so I had to come out of the bathroom with bloody hands (sorry to be so explicit), and wash my hands in a tiny sink that was in the room, so all of my visitors could see me come out with bloody hands, so gross!!! You don't realize how uncomfortable this is until you have to do it, post partum. 

    2 - You don't get one room for your entire stay, you deliver in a very nice room, and then you are transferred to a depressing, old looking part of the hospital for the rest of your stay.  Now that I'm looking at other hospitals, I see so many of them pride themselves in having you stay in one single room for the entire process, delivery and post partum.  

    3 - The rooms are not nice at all.  Like I said, the rooms where you deliver nicer, but the post partum ones are just depressing.  

    4 - My nurse had a really bad attitude and talked to me like I was stupid.  Very condescending.  

    5 - They let my newborn leave Jaundice....  I called a nurse and told her my baby's color was getting darker, and instead of re testing him for Jaundice, they just showed me the tests from 3 days before and ignored my worries.  He continued to get more golden so I had to take him to my pediatrician, and of course he was jaundice!  

    One more thing, I got the upgraded room because my experience delivering my baby was so terrible, thanks to the nurse with the attitude,  that the director of the maternity department had to come apologize, and to make up for the nurse's attitude she put me in the upgraded room.  I have to say the Director was really nice, but nothing can fix the fact that my delivery experience was terrible.

    I honestly don't understand how Boca Regional gets good reviews.  

  • Bumping! Would love to get some recent reviews on these hospitals as I am not sure which one to deliver at.
  • BUMP -  I know this thread is pretty old but I would love to see some new information! My OB actually delivers at both but her nurses said def go with Boca Regional so I kind of trust what the staff think. Would love to hear of any mama's out there who had babies at either in the last 3ish years if you're out there.
  • Stumbled on this post trying to decide between the two hospitals. Any newer reviews anyone could share? Especially post- COVID.
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