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Anyone in San Diego? Child Care Costs


My DH and I are still trying to decide whether or not we want to go with Child Care so I can work or not. Anyone live in or around San Diego and pay Child Care Costs?

I am just curious how much you pay per week and/or month for Child Care out here.



Re: Anyone in San Diego? Child Care Costs

  • I am not in San Diego, but I used to live in the Bay Area when my DD was little. I looked into center childcare for infants and it was about $1600 full time. I believe in-home was around $1000-1200. This was about 6 years ago.It might be lower now since the economy is different...this was before the big economic crash.

    I figure San Diego is a comparable cost of living to the Bay Area suburbs? Gotta be close, anyway.

    HTH!   :)

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  • I'm in LA, but around here, the cost of a day care center seems to be around $1200-1400 per month for infants.  And the cost of a nanny is about $15 per hour.
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  • Thanks ladies! Gosh seems pricey. I am hoping to convince my DH that me working FT will not make up for the cost plus the fact that someone else gets to spend most of the time with our baby.  Don't know how it will go yet. 

    We both grew up with stay at home mom's and I would like to carry on the tradition. Wish me luck haha - he is a tough one!  

  • I do! My DS goes to the child care center at SDSU.  I get funding because of my income and being a student, but the costs are pretty high.  If i did pay for his 5 day schedule it would be about 1,000.  It costs more to have infants in daycare also.  I checked out a home daycare who charges $180-190 a week.  Both these places did provide meals, and SDSU provides the diapers too.  I'm going to guess this is average in the area.  

    However, I have heard that some church based daycares are less.  You really have to do a search.  Quality will cost you more.  I personally LOVE my sons daycare, they do a great job and have NAEYC ratios (1:3 infants, 1:4 toddlers, 1:6 3 year olds, & 1:8 preschoolers). 

  • I lived in California for 6 months on a travel assignment. I loved it. But I must admit, the one of the few good things about living in Oklahoma is the cost of living....that is my only solice when i see people from other places talking about daycare costs! 

    1,600 a month for child care. Sheesh! That is more than my rent. My child care is 85 a week for a 6 year old (that is full time during summers and breaks, and after school only during school year). The most expensive I've really seen is 120 a week (and that is for infants, it gets cheaper for the older kids)


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  • Well the average salaries are higher in CA though...
  • Seriously! And it is really random, nonsensical stuff that ends up coming back up 3 years later. So strange.
  • Didn't we just have another one of these old posts a few weeks back or was that another board I'm on?

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  • swimiz500 said:
    Seriously! And it is really random, nonsensical stuff that ends up coming back up 3 years later. So strange.
    omg less than a month now! That has gone by so fast! (probably moreso for me than for you, haha ;) )
    It really has gone by fast. Like, too fast! I am scared! Only 25 days left, at most. Yikes! 
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