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Choosing a Name

Is anyone else having a difficult time finding a name?  My hubby and I are not able to agree on a name for a girl or a boy.

I am sweet on Cullen for a boy.  And haven't picked a girls name.  He hasn't picked a name for either...but knows that he doesn't like Cullen.

He is French, and am primarily Irish/Scottish/English/Indian.

Anyone else having troubles?

I am almost 12 weeks along and due in August.

Re: Choosing a Name

  • I couldn't think of a girl's name to save my life. I made lists and lists. did polls on facebook and asked everyone i knew for suggetions. I just didn't love any of them. I jsut found out that I am expecting a little boy and my DH and I finally (after a few lists) selected the name Ryker John.  You have lots of time though. :)
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