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New Game

So I feel my "3 words game" was a FAIL and turned out boring. I went to a forum called to get ideas and found this:

"I used to play this with a friend when we were bored. The results are pretty fantastic.
Here's how it goes. The poster defines the made-up word given by the previous poster, uses the word in a sentence, then gives a new made-up word to be defined by the following poster. The way I've formatted it need not be used, I just thought it would be helpful to clarify the game, plus I'm a little anally retentive. *twitch*
For example:
Person A: (first post)
Next word: Oblufactious
Person B:
Oblufactious: (adj) Presentably drunk, i.e. intoxicated in such a manner that it socially accepted by a group of peers.
Tim was pretty oblufactious at the Snake Wrasslin' party; he was able to wrassle three snakes prior to being bitten.
Next word: Perskitch"

Get it? Ready? GO!


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