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Baby vitamins

We started giving her her vitamins today like the pedi told us to. Anyone else notice that they taste like @ss? I can't believe she actually drank it... just one drop made me gag!
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Re: Baby vitamins

  • Yes they taste awful. LO makes funny faces when given vitamins, poor baby, but it's for his own well being
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  • The doctor told me that when she told me to buy them!  She goes "There's only one company that makes them, and they claim it tastes like fruit.  However, they taste terrible and most babies hate them.  Just try and get them down any way you can."  I haven't tasted them, but they sure do smell gross!!
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  • I was using tri vi sol and it was a struggle to get her to take it. I did learn a trick - I gave it immediately after she woke up in the morning. She was so hungry she sucked it right down, then I fed her. I have since switched to the Twinlab brand which smells like orange. She seems to not mind it as much as the tri vi sol. I got it at
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