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Did any of you travel while 6 - 6 1/2 months pregnant?  My in-laws are arranging a family vacation which involves a 5 hour flight.  Is it safe?
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  • I flew at 8weeks from AK to CA.  And at 28weeks took a quick 1hr round trip flight for a long weekend.  I asked my OB both times, and she approved it.  I would check with your OB, and make sure you get an aisle seat so you can get up and stretch and easier access to the loo.  Have fun!
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  • I haven't (I'm not even 10 weeks) but as long as I wasn't high risk and my OB was ok with it, I totally would!
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  • My OB said any air travel (including a flight from LA to Sweden) is ok until 36w.
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  • My MW just gave me permission to fly at 30wks for a 6+ hour flight providing nothing changes between now and then.   She just advised to stretch/walk a lot and to stay very very hydrated.
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  • My dr. said it was fine up until 36 weeks.  But if I would be flying anytime in the 2nd/3rd tri to let them know so they could send me away with any paperwork/information that I would need just in case anything happened while I was away and had to see a dr. 


  • I am flying in two weeks (at 31w). Airlines (or at least mine) are fine with you flying up 'til the last month. Also, my doctor and I have discussed the trip and she is okay with it - again, the real concern for them is after 35 weeks or so. This is the 3rd air travel trip I've taken since my BFP. If you go, drink LOTS of water on the plane, get an aisle seat, and pack tons of snacks.

    That said, if it makes you uncomfortable, by all means, beg off. You can use the pregnancy as an excuse not to go.

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