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Can alcohol or caffeine affect supply?

Just curious if drinking alcohol or caffeine will have an affect on milk supply?  Since having LO it's been so nice to have a glass of wine again, I usually have 1 drink/day.  Should I cut back?  Same thing with the caffeine, though I usually don't have something wih caffeine in it daily.
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Re: Can alcohol or caffeine affect supply?

  • I drink caffeine (probably more than I should) and it hasn't affected my supply.  Just make sure you are getting plenty of water along with what ever else you are drinking.
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  • unless you have issues with your supply, usually they don't affect you. and 1 drink a day is not going to hurt at all... breastmilk carries far less alcohol then our blood, so if you feel buzzed its time to stop (but 1 drink is not a problem) and RELAXING is actually good for your supply, moms who are tense about breastfeeding often have a beer to relax, the beer doesn't cause any extra milk, but mom not being stressed does!!


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