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After 3 prior miscarriages we had a baby girl!

It took us over 3 years to get to the "birth story" part. 

I can say the birth part was the easy part, getting there was the hard part.

My story is I didn't have a problem getting pregnant (ie: fertility), but I suffered 3 early miscarriages - all different, one blighted ovum, one colapsed gestation sac at 4 1/2 weeks, and one that developed to 8 1/2 weeks and for some unknown reason the heart stopped beating then.  I went though all the recurrent pregnancy loss testing and really never got an answer as to why this was happening other than I did test positive for the MTHFR (clotting/folic acid problem) gene which 10% of the population has and was prescribed blood thinners (which I was on when I had my 3 m/c) so we don't know if that helped or mattered.  Anyway, my 4th pregnancy just seemed to work out and I was on Lovenox the entire time and extra folic acid (we don't know if that was the reason it worked or not). My pregnancy was pretty uneventful other than I had bad morning sickness and the nausea persisted the entire time.  I gained about 30 lbs total. I am over 35 years old so considered high risk for lots of things that thankfully never happened.

So now to the birth story part (short version)...

I was induced at 39 weeks with cervidil and pitocin but it didn't work (never dialated)and I was sent home only to go into labor on my own shortly after.  I got the epidural (which I highly recommend-it didn't hurt at all going in and they had to try twice to get it in) and after that had no labor or pelvic pain whatsoever. I never asked for or needed iv narcotics. I had visitors and family come by all day long and we laughed an joked while every couple of hours I would kick them out of the room so the nurse or doctor could check my cervix for progression.  I started out at 2 cm around 6am and at 6pm was complete at 10 cm. At one point I felt lots of pressure so my epidural was reboosted. I could wiggle my toes and move my left leg, but my right leg as numb.  I pushed for 2 hours (couldn't feel that) and gave birth to a beautiful 7 lbs baby girl.  She was very alert at birth.

Things that surprised me after reading so much on the internet I had some anxiety about how the whole birth thing would play out.  And I can tell you from my experience it wasn't bad at all and I would do it again tomorrow.  I had one complication and it was fixed so I don't see it as a big deal and won't go into it.  What I learned is to go with the flow and deal with things as they happen and not to worry too much about one thing or another.  I figured my doctor knew how to delivery my baby better than I would ever know so go with that.  Some things don't work out but there is usually a solution.

I can honestly say thanks to a bunch of ladies on the bump who have gotten me through all of this.  I have learned so much and had so much support from alot of you. 



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