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Day Care vs. Nanny cost on Long Island

Hi All,

 I'm wondering if anyone could help me find information on how much day care costs in Nassau county compared to having someone come in to your home during the day to nanny?

 Just trying to start planning out what we will be doing once I have to go back to work...

Re: Day Care vs. Nanny cost on Long Island

  • I live near Woodbury and I pay a nanny $12/hr.  I only have one baby and she doesnt do any housekeeping which is why the cost is low.  People with more than one kid usually pay around $15/hr.
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  • I have a nanny/ housekeeper. she does laundry, cleans the house, does arts and crafts, grocery shopping, etc. I have 3 children and one on the way. $11 an hour. i luckd out! there are good people out there. it took a few shots but it has been 6 months now so far so good. just fyi/ having a nanny is a preference due to one caretaker bing responsible for the baby. they find it easier to stick to you and the babies routine. more one on one care. it actually cost's less for a nanny than day care... my step-daughter went to day care for a year it was 1200. a month... she got sick all the time. germs, germs... good luck!
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    I've been trying to decide the same thing. I'm just so nervous to allow someone to take care of them all day long. Especially what you sometimes hear on the news about people.
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