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no pee accidents, but still pooping in pants...suggestions?

DS has been doing well with day time PT.  no pee accidents, but he refuses to poop on the toilet.  Like 2 minutes after he sits on the toilet. he'll poop in his pants.  right now I am keeping him naked on bottom and putting him on the toilet every 30 -45 minutes and loading him up with fruit.  Any other suggestions?

Re: no pee accidents, but still pooping in pants...suggestions?

  • i don't know either. ds hasn't had a pee accident in MONTHS but has poop accidents often. i am clueless and frustrated.
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  • I wish I had the answer. For us they were 100% pee trained during the day after about a week after we started, but never poop trained. I cleaned poop out of panties x 2 every single day for 3 months. 2 weeks ago, I had enough, I put them back in pull ups. My DH is only home 3 days a month, so basically I am doing this all on my own with twins and for my own sanity and my girls happiness, I backed off for a couple of months. They are just not making that needing to poop and go get on the potty connection. I have tried every trick and reward system I can think of or heard of and nothing works. I hate putting them back in pullups because I worry about them peeing in them instead of peeing on the potty. But by the end of the day I was frustrated and upset and they were getting anxious about the potty because of my frustrations, so I decided to put them back in pullups for a while until they get a little older and we can try again with pooping on the potty.

    I have noticed this week they are starting to go more regular again, like they did when they were in diapers, meaning the same time each day, so I have been able to put them in panties for the rest of the day after they do their daily poop that way we don't completely give up on pee training. The one twin is great about the pullups and never pees in them, she will only poop in them. So I don't think it has made her regress at all.

    If you all come up with an idea on how to get them pooping on the potty, I would love to hear it and will try it because I am over buying pullups already x 2.

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