Does your kid see an allergist?

There's an awesome PA in my family practice that specializes in allergies and respiratory diseases that's been treating me for my asthma. He used to work for an allergist, but wanted to go to a family practice to help more patients without having to hassle with referrals. Anyway, I was explaining about DS being congested often and having ear infections, etc. and we set up an appointment for Wednesday. I'm not really sure what to expect or what questions to ask. Any help is always appreciated. TIA!

Re: Does your kid see an allergist?

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    My daughter has 2 (her regular doc & she's in a study on childhood allergies).  One our first appointment she got the skin test for about 15 things.  Then we got sent to the Children's Hospital to have a blood draw.  We also got the flu shot there because my DD is allergic to eggs & the flu shot is egg based.  That was about it other than them asking me questions.
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    DD was dx'd with asthma about 6 months ago. We started out with an allergist but through him we found out that her asthma is not allergy induced.

    Our first visit was mostly a consult. He asked a ton of questions, we had to bring in a bunch of stuff (a list of every medicine she's taken since birth, any medicines she was currently on, her shot record, a list of the soaps and detergents we have used for her, and a few other things).

    We didn't have the scratch test until the 2nd visit. That came back fine so I think we are going to stop seeing him and try to get together with a pediatriac pulmonologist, since we know she has no allergies. 

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