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I am so excited.

So we are excited an in shock. I asked my DF to marry me in 2010 and we had set the date for 10/1/11 and were so excited before we talked about marriage we talked bout kids and how possible it would be and how we would find the right donor. A while later I had extreme health issues and we had to put off having children until i had clearance from my dr. We finally got clearance almost a year ago and we began trying for our first as the year drew out we kinda got to the point that I might not be able to have kids. The dr. put me on clomid and we waited it did not work. My cycle began to get on track out of no where and we had one vial left. So on christmas day we tried our last try. To our shock and disbelief i got a BFP!!!! we go into the DR. monday for an ultrasound. We know our EDD is 9/17 which is 2 weeks befor our wedding and this being my first we could be late. But it does not matter we feel so blessed right now. I have heard alot of wemon having twins with 1 round of clomid and another girl has triplets on another board. I will be so happy to see the heart beat and see my little bean. I wanted to share this because there is always hope to get your little miracle.

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  • Thank you soooooo much.. 
  • Aww, congratulations!!  Stick around! :)
  • Congratulations!!
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  • cCongratulations! How exciting!
  • Wow that is Fantastic!  Congratulations!
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