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Miscarriage/Pregnancy Loss

Is it normal for the average person to have a m/c?

This may sound like a silly question, but if you have no problems TTC and have had a normal first pregnancy, Should you never get your hopes too high in case the inevitable happens? I know many factors can lead to m/c, but is it normal for the average person to have one if they plan on having a few kids? Like maybe every 1 in 5 woman or not that common?

Re: Is it normal for the average person to have a m/c?

  • As I understand it, most miscarriages happen to "normal" people.   It is a lot more common than people think it is.  I don;t know the exact percentage, but my doctor said that a very high percentage of people lose their pregnancy in the first two months.  
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  • It's a sickening little known fact that miscarriages happen more than we think!  But once you are in this world you see and hear of more and more incidences.  It's sad really.

    Many of them happen to women who do not yet know they are pregnant...most do happen within that first trimester.  It's a critical time for development and many many things can happen. 


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  • Approximately 1 in 4 pregnancies end in miscarriage, no one is exempt from this statistic.   You'd be surprised at how many women you know that have probably had a miscarriage and never told anyone. 

     I have no problem getting pregnant, I had a normal 1st pregnancy with a 2-1/2 yr old ds from that pregnancy.  I have had 2 miscarriages trying for our second child, with no explanation other than "it just happened".   The 1st miscarriage was an early loss (possibly chemical pg)  and the 2nd miscarriage was a missed miscarriage/late 1st trimester loss. 


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  • No one is immune from potential pregnancy loss.  There are no guarantees as far as pregnancy is concerned.  Every healthy baby is nothing short of a miracle.  

     I agree with earlier posts.  Probably more than a quarter of pregnancies end in early miscarriage or later fetal losses..

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  • My OB told me 50% of all pregnancys end in miscarrage. But alot og people dont even know they are pregnant yet.
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  • 20-30% of ALL pregnancies end in miscarriage. But I don't think anyone should live their life and not get excited about their pregnancies just because something bad might happen. If you are planning on having a bunch of kids then yes you can probably expect to eventually have a miscarriage but that doesn't mean you will. Here is a breakdown:

    For every 100 women who get pregnant once: the majority (80 of them) will not miscarry. 

    For every 100 women who get pregnant twice: the majority (64 of them) will never miscarry, nearly 1/3 (32 of them) will have one miscarriage, and four will have two.

    For every 100 women who get pregnant three times: a very slight majority (51 of them) will never miscarry, 38 will miscarry once, 10 will miscarry twice, and one of them will miscarry three times.

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  • image Jered&Gena:
    My OB told me 50% of all pregnancys end in miscarrage. But alot og people dont even know they are pregnant yet.

    My OB told me the same thing, and that once you know you're pregnant it's about 25% of all pregnancies.

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  • even the Duggers had a miscarriage!

    I heard every 1 in 4 but of course you never think it is going to happen to you!

  • short answer:  bfy (big fat yes)
  • after my chemical pregnancy, I was doing a lot of googling on the subject, and came across an article in a pregnancy magazine where a doctor was quoted as saying something to the effect of that a woman should consider a miscarriage a normal event to occur at least once within her reproductive life, they are that common.  I was kind of shocked by that but the more you hear about others' experiences and how common m/c's really are, the more it seems to ring true.
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  • Completely normal, and a lot more common than I had ever realized before experiencing it.  My Dr. told me that about 50% of all first pregnancies end in miscarriage, but that many people don't realize they are miscarrying because it often happens before they even realize they are pregnant.
  • Sadly, a miscarriage is common and it seems that once you have one, you hear more and more people who have also had one.

    I have had two 1st trimester miscarriages and 1 stillborn (lost at almost 22 weeks).  I also have three amazing, healthy children.  

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  • The part "average person" sounds a little funny looking back at what I wrote, but it seems like everyone understood what I was talking about anyway. Wow, I guess m/c is more common than I originally thought. So when your OBGYN asks you if you have had any miscarrages or pregnancies, just because you might say one, it doesn't necessarily mean anything then? Because it could just be a baby that had something wrong and your body realised that? Sorry I might sound like I'm full of questions.

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