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Miscarriage/Pregnancy Loss

Cycle after late loss or stillbirth

Following my early miscarriage, my cycle kicked in right away and was regular just about immediately.

 I am now about 4 weeks out from my stillbirth, and I don't think I have ovulated yet, so not sure what to expect.  Obviously I did not breastfeed, and I think I successfully suppressed  milk production after about a week. 

 What was your experience with resuming ovulation / AF?

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Re: Cycle after late loss or stillbirth

  • i am about six weeks out from my ptl and i am still bleeding so not sure i have ovulated yet  i also did not breastfeed and took just over a week to surpress my milk production.  i was told it could take up to sixty days to stop bleeding and ovulation would occur after.
  • I am only 2.5 weeks from my termination for medical reasons (D&E) at 21 weeks.  I had milk production for five days that started two days after the surgery.  I never ovulated on my own though before getting pregnant - I have PCOS.  So I'm not expecting to ovulate now either.  I already have my prescriptions filled for provera and clomid so that I can induce a cycle soon.  My doctor said I'm free to take the provera between four and six weeks after the surgery.  I wish that I could get a natural AF so that I could know that my body is "ready" though.
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  • I am sorry for your loss. I had my pp checkup at 4 weeks and the dr asked me if I had gotten a period yet. I had not, but it came at 5 weeks pp. She mentioned that she wanted me to call in at 7 weeks if nothing had happened, so I would not be too concerned yet.
  • I'm over 16 weeks out from a termination for medical reasons at 23 weeks.  I still have not had my period.  I'm having a saline sonogram monday and I've been on 12 days of provera.  We're trying to rule out ashermans which is rare but affects people who have had a d&c or d&e.  
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  • After my loss, my milk hung around for about a month. Right around when it dried up I o'd and then got AF. It was about 6 weeks for my 1st pp AF. 2nd AF started today. This cycle was about a week longer than standard.
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  • i am so sorry for your loss, first of all.

    at my 2 wk check up from the d & e, i just had passed the tissue (from the uterus that my dr told me i would pass) the previous night, so my dr said to expect my period in 3-4 weeks.  AF showed up 4 weeks and 1 day, where somewhere around the 2-3 week mark i had brownish liquidy discharge, that i am assuming was ovulation.

    (i had started to temp right after i saw the discharge, and my temps i thought were high, but then at the 4 week mark my temps started to drop, so that told me i had o'd that cycle after all)

     i know my dr wanted me to call my ob if i didn't get AF within the 4 week time frame.

    GL, and {{hugs}} 

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  • I'm so sorry for you loss.

    I lost my triplets at 20 weeks on the 7th of November and still haven't had a new cycle start. I always had regular cycles prior to IVF so I'm hoping soon everything will return to normal. 

    It looks like I'm in the minority here though, so hopefully it'll happen much faster for you. Thinking of you! 

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  • 1st AF came almost 14 weeks after i delivered my daughter.  it came the afternoon after i had an us and drs visit to figure out why i hadn't gotten my period.  left the office with a provera script in hand and AF showed up when i got home.  my PP cycles were 28 days, my 1st cycle was 30 days.  i'm currently in my 2nd cycle TTC and i'm hoping to see no more!

  • First, I am so sorry for your loss.

    I am 2.5 weeks out from our stillborn, so I don't have an answer yet.  I am still bleeding slightly.  I had to deliver our son and then still had heavy bleeding and cramping so I had to have a d&c last week.  Dr told me I would probably bleed for another week or so.

    I did not get my milk in this time, which I was grateful for.  

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