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Potty Training

"Holding It"

DD doesn't mind sitting on the potty, will ask to sit on the potty, tells us when she is peeing/pooping in her diaper, can take her pants on and off, likes her "big girl" underwear, and understands she will get a reward for going on the potty.

The problem is, that despite all of the above, when she is wearing underwear she will hold it for hours and hours. Today for example, we put her underwear on in the late morning, she had one accident (pee) around noon or so. The rest of the day she continued to ask to sit on the potty and would do so when I asked her but she just wouldn't go.....heck I would have even taken another accident.

Around 5-6pm she asked for a diaper and about 15-20 min later she peed and pooped in the diaper. Also, around 4pm she was telling me her tummy hurt which I'm guessing was from holding it for so long.

I'm not at all pushing potty training hardcore, I just thought she was ready but if she is going to give herself a UTI while doing it then it's obviously not worth it. Should I keep up with it or is she not ready?  I've heard some absolute horror stories about parents pushing potty training too much......the main one is a girl I work with daughter is now on medication from always holding it (long story), she is 4.

Thanks for any advice:)

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