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Clothing/shoe help needed...

DD has this outfit....


She's going to wear it to my MIL's wedding on Friday.  The issue is that I don't know what kind of shoes she should wear.  I don't want to spend $50 on shoes she'll wear one time (ie: the super cute pink ones that match).  She only has silver dressy shoes and well, I think they'd clash with the jumper.  Would you do black mary janes with it?  DD is a phase where she won't wear socks...EVER. I might get her to wear these because they have a cat on them.


I'm kinda overwhelmed with the idea of pulling the outfit together for her and all of the stuff I'm doing to prep for her birthday party on Saturday.  I'd love input on how you'd pull the outfit together.  Tights? Socks? Shoes? 

Re: Clothing/shoe help needed...

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