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NBR: Tell me about Greek yogurt.

And how you keep yourself from barfing when you eat it? I know it's good for you, and I love that it's packed with protein. I've tried a couple of brands, and I can barely choke it down. I love regular yogurt.

Am I doing it wrong? Confused Am I eating the wrong kinds? (Just "finished" a Fage with some mango fruity nonsense mixed in). I think I've also tried the Yoplait kind.

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Re: NBR: Tell me about Greek yogurt.

  • We eat the Chobani brand. We get a case of it from Costco that has blueberry, strawberry, and peach. I'm not a fan of the pomegranate. The vanilla and honey are good, too. Zoe eats just the yogurt. DH and I sometimes add granola.
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  • i don't like it plain, i think it tastes like sour cream plain lol.  but i do like it w/blueberries and i had one w/caramel that i really liked.  but yeah plain=barf!! lol
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  • Love. It.

    I second the Chobani brand.  We buy it in bulk from BJs.  I love the peach, strawberry and blueberry (also not a fan of pomegranate).  E LOVES their "champions" kind (I admit to eating the banana honey).  

    I cannot stand the Yoplait Greek, ICK!

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  • I love the Chioban but can't stand the Yoplait.  I will also say that I'm not a fan of the pomogranit.  (Sorry about the spelling - it's horrible!)
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  • I LOVE the Fage with the honey.  I had a friend try it, and she didn't like it, so it may just be personal preference.  I know it says on the container NOT to stir it, and I usually put a bite of the yogurt on the spoon along with a dab of the honey. I haven't tried any others.
  • I don't care much for the fruity flavors or plain. I really prefer the vanilla or honey flavors.
  • Love Chobani with blueberry or strawberry fruit on the bottom. I tried plain with adding my own fruit and that was rough. Some granola adds some texture to the Chobani and I like it better than regular yogurt now... I think you develop a taste for it & get used to it?

    Margo, on the other hand, eats the plain stuff and seems to love it :) Yesterday she ate it w/ avacado and butternut squash purees mixed in. I wouldn't rec that personally, but she probably would.

  • I don't care what brand it is. I personally cannot stand the greek yogurt which seems to be unfortunate.


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