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What size diaper is your 9-month old wearing?

I know every baby's different,  but my SIL keeps making comments b/c she can't believe DD's already wearing a Size 4 diaper at 9 1/2 months.  Her son is 16 months and in a size 4, so she keeps making weird remarks about it. Size 3s started giving DD diaper wedgies so we moved her to size 4 a couple of weeks ago.

DD is in the 50th percentile for weight and height, so it's not like she's a huge baby or anything.  What size diaper does your 9-month old wear?


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Re: What size diaper is your 9-month old wearing?

  • I am finishing up these 3's and moving onto 4's. He pooped out of one the other day (and his poop is NOT runny) and if I don't put a diaper doubler on him at night, he would be leaking out of them too.

    Oh and Harrison is only in the 7% for weight, but 75% for height.

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  • Pampers Size 3 (Drymax, I think Baby Dry runs smaller in my experience). DS is small though, 10% for weight.
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  • There is a huge weight range for size 4s and weight gain slows significantly when babies are older, so it would make sense for a baby to be in size 4 for several months.

    Abe was in 3s until he was 10 months old, and he's in the 80% for weight.  He just has a little butt. :)


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  • dd is between 2 & 3 but she is pretty small.
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  • DS was in 4's since 7 1/2 months. He just moved up to 5's this last week. DS is in the 75 percentile in weight and height though so he is a chunky monkey!
  • Luvs sz 4, and DS is 50% for height and weight.


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  • Size 3 pampers drymax.  He is a long string bean!!
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  • Huggies 3, Pampers 4. My DD is LONG, always in the 95%, I'm not sure her exact measurement right now, and she weighs a little over 20 lbs. 
  • Well Asher has always been a skinny minnie little dude and hes been in size fours for a while!
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  • DD is wearing pampers size 2-3.  We'll probably move up to 3's soon. 
  • Katie's been in Size 4 Pampers since she was 8 months old...she's still in them.  She's 22 lbs and 32" right now.
  • We use Parent's Choice size 3. Lucy's still pretty small though...but she's slowly chunkin' up Stick out tongue
  • Obviously not 9 months anymore, but my LO has been in size 3 since he was 6 months. He's little though (5th percentile for weight, and average height). I think it all has to do with body shape though-my nephew is tall, but average weight and he didn't move up to size 4s either until he was over a year.
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  • last time she wore sposies (tgiving) she had just turned 8 months and was wearing size 4.
  • She wears 4s.  She could still wear the size 3 but we were having more leaks overnight so I went up a size and no more leaks.
  • DS is in size 3s but he is in the 5th percentile for weight so I would think that size 4 would be about average.
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  • We're finishing our current pack of size 2's and then moving to size 3.

    DD is 17 lbs 3 oz (25%) and 28.5 inches tall (somewhere between 60-75%)

  • We use Pampers Baby Dry size 3s.  DD is in the 50th percentile for weight and 90th for height.
  • DD can wear 2s or 3s. 
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  • My ten month old DS is in size 4...or he should be, but I have a package of size 3's to use up first. Size 4 diapers have a HUGE range for weight, so it makes sense that a kid is going to be in them for awhile. My DS is in the 85th percentile for weight.
  • We are pampers baby dry size 3 but DS is longer an leaner. 
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  • We moved to size 3s at about 8.5 months and he's still in them. I actually put him in size 2's recently (while at home, during the day because I had about 5 that I found) and they fit him fine, lol!

    But DS is tiny - 5th percentile for weight and 25th for height.

  • X is still in 2s, actually he moved into them at around 7.5 months.  He is finally gaining weight, we go in tomorrow to see his progress.
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  • All babies are different.  My son will be 10 months Feb. 1st and he wears size 4 diapers.

  • My girl just turned 10months today, but she's been in size 5 since about 8.5 months.  She's 99th% for weight and 85th% for height, though.  DH thought it was hilarious that the diaper package showed a little girl running around on a playground while our LO wasn't even crawling yet!
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  • My son is 21 1/2 pounds and 28 inches at 7 months wears size 4.
  • DD is 10 1/2 months and wears size 3 target brand diapers. She just recently moved up and has plenty of room so Im sure she will be in them for a while.
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