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Any one here not do 3 Day PT????

I'm just wondering if this board is really the 3day PT board vs an overall PT board.  I personally don't do the 3 day method (not putting it down, just not my belief in how to work with my kids on this one).

If there is anyone else out there - advice please.  My very strong willed child has zero interest.  She can go on the potty - has been peeing on the potty off and on since 16 months (will be 3 in mid-March), has tried undies last summer which was a huge fail and we gave it 2 whole months.  Poop has been an issue although seeing very slow improvement.  Main issue we see is that if we suggest she go or even ask her if she has to go, she refuses and then goes in her pull-up (we use pull-ups like diapers but use them so does have the option to go on her own which is harder to do with a diaper).  She often will just go on her own but its nothing consistent.  

DH and I have decided to totally back off - we are going to tell her that its up to her - if she does go on her own, she gets her Skittles reward and we'll do the potty dance with her but we won't be asking her/telling her when to go.  She knows (and we'll remind her) that if she stays dry for 3 days, she gets to go to a resturant of her choice and if we see consistent progress, she gets her undies back.  She keeps telling us she'll be in undies when she is 3!!!


And on a side note, I think the whole 3 day PT thing is huge on here but I don't know of anyone in real life who has done that method.  Another one of those big nest things I guess, at least in my circle of friends.
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Re: Any one here not do 3 Day PT????

  • I'm not doing the 3 day...but certain elements of it have been working ok for us and have been suggested by almost everyone I know who has PT'ed their kids...the main one being you just have to dive in and put them in underwear. They are going to have accidents, but they might never decide on their own that they want to PT unless you show them what it's all about.
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  • We are not doing the 3 day but my son is in ether underwear or no pants well at home daring the day. If we go out some where then we put him in pull ups, but we still go to the bathroom every 30ish mins. He also wears a diaper at night as he sometimes wakes up but sometimes doesn't. 

    Good luck with whatever plan you pick.  

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  • imagefredalina:

    i really don't think it's "3 day training  vs. the rest if the world" as your posts seem to indicate.  The 3 day method (or methods) are just suggestions and you have to take what you like and leave the rest, just like everything in parenting.  In the end, you know your kid best.  i'm pretty sure no healthy child will be in diapers when they enter high school no matter which "methods" their parents chose.

    I know its not one vs the other, was just getting that feeling on this board in general that  everyone seems to do the 3 day method and its just not for me.  DH and I work FT, kids are in daycare, my DD will be 3 in 6 1/2 weeks and is way past a lot of the things that I hear people talk about.  She knows when she has to go and will go days without any accidents, actually can do really well in her pull-ups but as soon as she tries wearing undies, it is like she forgets everything and has a ton of accidents.  I think a lot of that has to do with the fact that when she wears undies, my DH and I and her daycare teachers all have her sit on the potty more and are more aware.  When she has a pull-up on, she goes when she wants.  I know that the bottom line with her is that she goes on her terms and if we mention it, she is losing that independance that she craves.  Not to say that I let my almost 3 year old call the shots, I don't with the expection of potty training as I believe that no matter what I do, my DD is going to pee/poop where and whenever she wants and until she is truely ready to do it all in the potty, its not going to happen. At some point, I will just push it and take away the pull-ups for daytime and let her have accidents galore until she gets it but we are not there yet.  Thanks for your great input though.

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  • We are not doing the 3DPT...mostly because I didn't want to pay for it, and HATED how the website pumps up its method with NEVER saying how much it costs without having to dig, dig, dig. I hate that. I came from a career in PR/Marketing and I HATE when companies take info before being upfront. Perhaps it was just me and a lack of patience.

    Anyway, I was motiviated by a friend PT her 2 year old. My DD will be 3 in April, and I now have 2 under 2 also, so I am HUGELY motivated to not change 3 diapers all day. I sorta followed other advice here about going straight to diapers. I only use pullups for naps and night time sleep. She is doing pretty well 4 days in, she even went at Target yesterday and pooped last night on the toilet.

    My belief is that if the kid isnt ready, they will not PT. Mine was interested in the panties and wanted me to start putting them on over diapers...I said, no, we either wear panties and throw away the diapers, or we wear diapers. She wanted to try panties, so here we are.


  • Never read a word of the 3 Day PT. This is what we did:

    At 2 (and a couple months) we switched from diapers to panties (except for sleep). We dealt with accidents as they happened, always sure never to reprimand. Then we'd put her on the potty to "finish."

    She slowly stopped having more accidents and no longer needs to be told to go to the bathroom. Although, she has had more accidents lately as she gets so excited about what she's doing that she ignores the urge to pee until it's too late. But, that's still rare.

    Anyway, we didn't use any specific style. We just did what came naturally.

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