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What are your 10 things today?
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  • 1. Good byes suck.

    2. If I said I was over airports before, now I'm really over them.

    3. Blue - where are you?

    4. JB is so stinkin' cute :-) 

    5. I ate pizza for breakfast.

    6. I had a four day weekend so now I have a ton of work to catch up on.  

    7. Having a busy work week is probably a good thing.

    8.  Our department meeting was supposed to start 2 minutes ago yet we're all still in our offices working [or posting our TTT :-p ]

    9. I'm lovin' my space heater today.

    10. Sounds like people are starting to gather now - off to my meeting.


  • 1. It is snowing.

    2. I want it to stop.

    3. I have errands to run.

    4. We are forecasted to get another FOOT Wednesday into Thursday.

    5. That is insane.  I cannot believe how much snow we are getting this year.

    6. The one good thing would be if C's class on Thursday night was cancelled.

    7. I went to the fabric store yesterday and got materials for a canvas toy bin for the living room, and an adorable fleece blanket (with an outerspace print - so cute!) for Henry's room.

    8. Need to wash the fabrics now - would it be bad to do that before starting on higher priority dirty laundry?

    9. I really don't want to go all the way to Costco to pick up our contact lenses. Boo!

    10. Maybe if we get snowed in this week I will actually do some of the cleaning I've been putting off...

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  • 1) i hate snow.

    2) i hate pink eye.

    3) i'm very over winter.

    4) at 2 months old, Daisy weighed in at 9lbs 12oz and was a champ for shots.

    5) Sprout had a really good day at school yesterday. those are so wonderful.

    6) i forgot my wallet at home today - which means no coffee or lunch for me. boo.

    7) school gave in and gave RB her paci for yesterday's nap.  I understand that they are under different constraints than we are, but it made bed time so much harder.

    8) i cant' wait until the pacifier fiasco is behind us.

    9) that's all i've got today.

  • 1. My office is freezing. I am sure that the Frappacino I drank this morning didn't help. But it did help my sore throat.

    2. In honor of MLK Day, the kids did an "I dream..." poster. Grayson's dream? "I dream that babies will sleep through the night." HUH? Where did he get that? I wish that had been his dream 4y ago (since he didn't sleep through the night till 3.5y.) Carter - "I dream that kids will get to play with cool toys and everyone will get along."

    3. I am wearing plastic beaded necklaces that the kids made at school yesterday. They were SO happy I put it on and wore them to work. I forgot that I had them on until someone asked me why I was wearing them and why I didn't take them off after I dropped off the kids. I dunno. They aren't bothering me and I know I'll forget when I pick them up.

    4. Have I mentioned that I leave for FL in 10 days? The high in FL today is 72 degrees. Ahhhh. I can't wait.

    5.  We have not have a child come to our bed for a middle of the night visit/sleep in 2.5 weeks. Totally worth the $10/week we spend on book rewards.

    6.  Will it or won't it snow Weds night/Thursday morning? While I wouldn't mind staying home (and I am sure the kids would be THRILLED), I am not really interested in having to take another vacation day this month (L is still working on her huge project and deadline so it'll be up to me to stay home.)

    7. I just held a 5 day old baby and it was the first time in forever that I had a twinge of baby fever. But not enough to even consider expanding our family.

    8.  I really really really wish L could find a job with a shorter commute. While her hours suck, she also has a horrible commute, and if she doesn't leave by 4ish, she doesn't even bother to try to come home till after 7 (since it will easily take 2+ hrs.)

    9. It has taken me nearly 2hrs to do this.

    10.  French onion soup sounds really good. Too bad for me! :)

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  • 1.  We submitted our application for adoption yesterday!

    2. I am 9dpo today!

    3. last night we had 2 firetrucks and 2 police cars at our home - the reason?  K saw smoke...coming out of the chimney!!! oh my goodness... poor thing is as embarrassed as can be.

    4.  also last night we had 1 sink freeze (pipe burst), 1 claw foot tub freeze (thawed), and 1 toilet freeze.  TOILET?!! 

    5.  All of these thing happened at the same time as the boiler started making banging noises and our super old home started settling in for an absolutely frigid night (-6) so I can't blame K for freaking out when she saw smoke (it only happens on really cold nights).  She stood, crying, in the driveway, thinking we were losing our beautiful house. Poor thing. The oil lady and I laughed our butts off over it this morning, though.

    6.  I was at acupuncture last night when it all went down.  Note to self:  have K become more involved in the overall maintenance of the home.

    7.  The oil guy came this morning to make sure all was well and looked into our super sketchy teeny crawl space (which is where the burst pipe is, the furthest point possible from the opening) which I KNOW has bodies buried in, and said 'wow, you don't want a relationship with anything in there'.

    8. and hey!! it's snowing- AGAIN.  you know you have too much snow when you see dump trucks everywhere you look.. MOVING snow. 

    9.  But our adoption application is in!

    10 and I am tww'ing it like a champ 

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  • 1) I get off at 6 PM today instead of 11 PM!

    2) As a reslut of number 1, we are going to go out to dinner tonight....where should we go?

    3) The amount of drool coming from Ky's mouth is scary. We change her bib about every 2 hours now.

    4) Behind number 3 is probably the two white lines you can see just under the surface of her gums on the bottom....come on teeth!

    5) I have been trying to encourage the teeth as much as possible. I have given her all the fun things to chew on. I brush her gums about three times a day...with she finds hilarious. As soon as she sees the little blue finger brush go on she wiggles and giggles and grabs for my finger.

    6) I have not had apple juice in a  LONG time and I got some from the vending machine at work when I got in...YUM!

    7) Rumors are going crazy here at work and the newest is that my department will be having layoffs...yikes!

    8) Ann and I are trying to make this into a positive....I am thinking about going back to school for nursing and now might be a good time to do so.

    9) Of course we cannot go on one income alone SO one of her co-worker's wives works for a local hospital in a co-op program and I am applying!

    10) Alright only 5.5 hours left to kill!  

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    1. It has been a longtime since I posted a TTT...I have missed it.
    2. The kiddos are at the stage where they scream and cry really loud when I drop them off at daycare. (Especially when Miss 'A' is there...hmmm?).
    3. I am SO GLAD they will start daycare at our work on Valentine's Day. (Though I wish it were tomorrow.)
    4. I am looking forward to my Mom seeing the kiddos next month; she is always bragging on them based on the pictures I send her.
    5. Work is really stress--ful--filled lately. It is even worse for C.
    6. Our Little Man likes taking steps, however when I try to show C he buckles his legs. Thankfully Peanut "cruises" when we are both around.
    7. I am excited about the Super Bowl!
    8. My oldest daughter is visiting her boyfriend's family...Indifferent
    9. C and I went to a wedding on Saturday, but Little Man started talking loud so I had to leave to another room and did not get to see much.
    10. I guess I better get back to work...lunchtime is over.

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  • image nevr2amazin:

    It has been a longtime since I posted a TTT...I have missed it. - I've missed your posts too! Get back to the TTT lady.  Even if you don't post all week, you always have a list that makes me smile and chuckle.

      I am SO GLAD they will start daycare at our work on Valentine's Day. (Though I wish it were tomorrow.) yay!  Having JB at my work's daycare is awesome.  I hope it's a better fit for all of you :-)

    1. 1. I am getting hungry and didn't bring anything for lunch today except at Chobani yogurt, banana, and nutri-grain bar.

      2. Good thing I am leaving early today so I can eat some left over 15 bean soup from the soup party DW and I went to on Sunday.

      3. Sadie (my furbaby) has an appointment tomorrow with the surgeon that fixed her knee and I am hoping/praying he says her knee is doing well and can come off of kennel restriction!

      4. DW got over pneumonia a couple of weeks ago and has been wheezing since. She went back to the doctor today and they told her she has bronchitis. Ugh! I am hoping she gets better soon.

      5. I am excited about our trip this weekend to Rehoboth Beach. I am really looking forward to going to this restaurant, Agave and relaxing for her birthday.

      6. I picked up the GRE book today as the deadline for the Women's Health Nurse Practitioner/Midwifery program application deadline is May 1st.

      7. Because of #6, I have to take the GRE by April 1st. I am such a procrastinater!

      8. So looking forward to DW's birthday brunch this Saturday at the best Dim Sum place in Hampton Roads. Yum. Can you tell I'm hungry!?

      9 Was talking to DW the other night, and she told me that she felt she should have meet me 5-10 years ago. She is turning 42 and is feeling like she missed out on something. She told me that she wants to start TTC too (supposed to O this weekend), but I know the responsible thing to do is wait a couple of months.

      10. We plan on painting the house next month and I picked out the color for the future LO's room! It is the Bright Silver Sage from Restoration Hardware.  image

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    2. 1. FIL was admitted to the hospital last night with pancreatitis.  This is the first time he's been sick in all the years J and I have been together.

      2. I called the adoptions department of our agency yesterday morning and never got a call back.

      3. I randomly check the states photolisting website for adoptive children and they are all severly handicapped (mentally and physically) or they come in a sibling set.  I know we don't have the capacity to care for a severly handicapped child and we don't have the space for a sibling group with a teenager.

      4. I love my chickens.

      5. Sometimes I wish we lived in Canada, it's beautiful.

      6. Or Sweden.

      7. I think I need a vacation.

      8. Like an Eat, Pray, Love kind of vacation.

      9. I don't like when people use J and I as a taxi service.  This morning  one of her sisters told the other sister that she would have me pick her up to take her to a doctor appointment.  Doesn't it matter that I have things to do?

      10. I'm missing A terribly while she's at school today.

    3. 1. I bought a Naked juice this morning, got all the way to school and when I went to open it, I saw it expired on the 18th. :(

      2. So bored of school. This quarter needs to hurry up.

      3. I know I have a laundry list of pet peeves, but today, everything seems to be getting on my nerves.

      4. Its them, not me.

      5. I'm so hungry! Ugh! B is meeting me for dinner at school since she and LO will be asleep when I get home from class.

      6. I had such an amazing weekend that now I'm being disappointed by how this week is going. The weekend set high standards.

      7. I'm so tired today and I shouldn't be! I got plenty of sleep last night!

      8. I feel bad because B couldn't sleep last night and she just texted me that she didn't fall asleep until after midnight and she had to work at 545, but forgot to set her alarm and woke up at 515! Eeek! I thought I heard her rushing around this morning!

      9. I'm going to make a concious effort to not complain about being tired when I see B tonight because I know she's having a crappy day.

      10. Well, time for class. I knew I should have waited until tonight to do this because it would have been a lot more interesting!


    4. 1.  The IUI went really well: "text-book" & "about as perfect as it can go", said our nurse.  Last time the doc did it, and it hurt less.  Hmph.

      2.  My injection site kills this time!  I keep telling myself that labor will hurt a lot more, and that isn't making me feel any better.

      3.  We went to Olive.Garden afterwards and pigged out.  Nice.

      4.  My only plans for the day are relaxing on the couch, watching TV/movies, and then sending K out for DQ later.  Do some people eat healthy during the TWW?

      5.  I worry that our future child(ren) will not be as amazing as our niece.  I realize that's dumb.

      6.  I'm thinking a Mid-Western GTG is in order this summer!

      7.  K mentioned wanting to be a volunteer fire-fighter this morning...  I'm not sure how I feel about that!  (Proud but scared).   Anyone with experience?

      8.  K recently saw an allergist, and she can breathe well for the first time in at least 7 years! 

      9. I'm off to the couch.

      10.  What kind of Blizzard should I get today?!


    5. 1. It is supposed to be close to 60 for a high in Seattle January. Craziness I tell you!

      2. As a result of #1, the snowboarding trip my girl and I have planned for February may be off. Not gonna pay $65/day for crappy snow.

      3. Work has been busy the past few weeks which feels good but means less time for me to be on here!

      4. I am going to southern CA for a meeting later this week and I can't wait. Temps in the 70's and sunny...bring it on!

      5. DD is staying with her dad while I'm gone, a few extra days than she normally does...I hope that goes ok.

      6. DD's dad is not taking DD to visit her paternal grandparents. The ones who took care of her from birth until she started preschool. I talked to her nana yesterday and said they can pick her up today and have a visit until later in the evening.

      7. DD was beyond excited when I told her last night she gets to see her nana and papa today.

      8. Why does DD's dad have to be such an asshat and think that everyone is out to get him and do wrong to him?

      9. I am quite sure that I will hear about #6 when he finds out. Sigh. Oh well. Put on your big girl panties and deal with it...I am her parent too.

      10. I am so looking forward to doing some leisure reading on my trip...not much time for that these days.

    6. image OrgncMom2B:

      10. We plan on painting the house next month and I picked out the color for the future LO's room! It is the Bright Silver Sage from Restoration Hardware. 


      Our bedroom is Silver Sage and I LOVE it. It is a great bedroom color!

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