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Expecting #3

Hi everyone

I was on this board last year when expecting my daughter (who will be 1 in February!), and we are pleased to be expecting again! I am 37 and will be 38 when this little one arrives. I am a bit nervous to have 2 so close together. We also have a 7 year old daughter.

 The due date calendar claims that this baby's due date is August 24th, but I find that hard to believe, as we didn't have a positve HPT until January 3rd, I think this will be a September baby, but I guess we will see!

First doctor's appointment is next Wednesday!

I loved this board last time around and I am looking forward to it this time.




Re: Expecting #3

  • welcome and congrats!!  My first 2 are 20 months apart - and they have the best sibling relationship ever!!  I loved having them close together, it was VERY hard at first but every day got better (and there were days that I only got through by telling myself that over and over and over again "tomorrow will be better!")

    Good luck at your appointment!  :)

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  • Congrats!  I'm 37 and expecting my 2nd.  DD will only be 19 mos. (maybe 19 1/2?) when #2 arrives.  I'm a little nervous about how we'll handle 2, but excited for them to be close together.
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  • Welcome back, and congratulations! 

    Here's hoping two under two is survivable!  :) 

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  • welcome and congrats!!!
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  • Hello, I just joined for the first time, but I am having my third child. I like this site so far. I will be 38 when this special little one will be born. I am nervous about it. I have to wait another 4 weeks before my first doctor appointment.

    I look forward to going through this joyous time with you!


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  • My LO will be 1 in February also and I am due again June 18th.  They will be about 16 1/2 months apart.  I know it will be a lot of work when they are little BUT I hear over and over again how they will occupy eachother as the grow playing and being buddies with eachother.  I'm so excited. Also have a stepson who is turning 9 in Feb. He is very helpful.  I will be 39 when I deliver this one so you and I have a lot of simiarites!

    Good luck and welcome back!

  • Congratulations on #3! I am also expecting my third. I am just hoping to #2 out of pull-ups before we welcome another one! ;) I can't say much for spacing of my own children, but I remember what it was like to grow up with two sisters who were close in age- 10 1/2 months older and 2 1/2 years younger with me in the middle. We were always able to enjoy the same games and toys at the same time, so it was a blessing for my parents. However, all three of us had different personalities that led to separate interests. Sometimes we clashed and there was jealousy and rivalry as we neared the teens, but as adults, we are very close. As far as two under two, my mother was able to potty train me at the same time as my older sister and I was only 18 months old! 
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