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::Kathy re:van::

Did you end up getting your van yesterday?
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Re: ::Kathy re:van::

  • Yes!

    We bought it from my in-laws (used '08 Odyssey) and they drove it down on Sunday.  I got to drive it around today a little bit.  I'm still figuring things out but I love it!!!

    It's so much easier to get Andrew in the van (than my car) and I'm excited about the mp3 player hook-up. I charged my mp3 player tonight so I can try that out tomorrow.   I love the way it drives and the visibility is great. 

  • I'm excited for you.  That is so nice to have been able to buy it from your inlaws.  I can't get over how much easier it is to get a child in and out of the van while being able to stand up instead of squishing into the car to get her in the middle seat.  It drives really nicely in the snow, too.

    I had to laugh at my DH this morning.  He was really against getting a van for a long time, but when he had to take Mady this morning to his mom's for me because I have a conference for work, he actually asked to take the van.  It took less than two weeks for him to get over his fear of being a minivan dad...haha!

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  • haha! luckily Ryan never really had that fear!  I mean dont' get me wrong, he loves his car, but for a bigger vehicle, he recognizes the practical side and admits it's fun to drive :)
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