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Nickname for Adriana

I love nicknames and I really like the names Adrienne or Adriana but I don't know what the nicknames would be!

Please help :) 


Re: Nickname for Adriana

  • I know and Adrienne, and people call her "Adge" (Not something I would think of, but people do!)

     As for Adriana, I'd think "Ana"

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  • I could see people start to shorten it to "Aid" for short.  I love the name Adriana, but i'm not to sure what kind of nickname would happen...Aid is my best guess. 

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  • addy, ana, rae, dria, riana


  • Addy, Dria, Riana, Dee

  • I would say Adie, Ana, or Riana.

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  • My cousin goes by Adge for short. She is Adrienne.
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  • I vote for Addy!
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  • I have a friend named Adriana who goes by Adri.

  • On The Sopranos, they always called the character Adriana "Aid" for short. It actually worked really well and was kind of cute.
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  • Thanks for the ideas! :-)
  • The two Adrianas I know IRL occasionally go by "Adri" (pronounce Ah-dree), but most people call them by their full names.

    No offense to pp, but Ana is a terrible nn for Adriana. If you're going to call a child Ana, then name her Ana.

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  • we call my cousin ree-ree or now jusrt ree

  • Love the name Adriana and I'd say Adri (ay-dree) as a nn.
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  • I know a girl named Adriana...and everyone calls her Oddy.


    Different, but it grew on me!


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  • My friend Adriana goes by Adia (AH-di-ah), which I think is just gorgeous!

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  • Ada would be my fave but Anna and Addie would also be contenders. 
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  • my friend goes by dree :)
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  • image MrsMiller1002:
    my friend goes by dree :)

    We have a neighbor Adrianna who also goes by Dree.

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